Uttarkashi Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

In Uttarkashi region, AnAdministrative section is being looked after by the different officer like DM, ADM, DFO, DSO, DSWO, DMWO, DPRO, DTO, DIO, DAO, RTO and all others. If you need to contact those officers find their phone numbers in tabular form:-

Uttarkashi Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

1.DM(01374) 222280
2.ADM(01374) 222109
3.SDM, Bhatwari(01374) 222166
4.SDM, Dunda(01371) 225405
5.SDM, Barkot(01375) 224423
6.SDM, Purola(01373) 223321
7.Tehsildar,Bhatwari(01374) 244322
8.Tehsildar Dunda(01371) 225405
9.Tehsildar Barkot(01375) 224201
10.Tehsildar Purola(01373) 223200
11.Tehsildar Mori(01373) 234323
12.Tehsildar Chinyalisaur(01371) 237893
13.Distt. Judge(01374) 222287
14.Chief Judicial Magistrate(01374) 222142
15.CDO(01374) 222724
16.DDO(01374) 223444
17.Project Director, DRDA(01374) 222269
18.CAO(01374) 226057
19.CVO(01374) 222320
20.DHO(01374) 222143
21.DSWO(01374) 223731
22.DPRO(01374) 222327
23.DSO(01374) 222292
24.Project Officer UREDA(01374) 222538
25.DSO(01374) 223839
26.RTO(01374) 223573
27.ATO(01374) 223573
28.District Sport Officer(01374) 212007
29.District Employment
(01374) 222134
30.DIO(01374) 222213
31.District Informatics
(01374) 222668
32.Dist. Soldier
Welfare Officer
(01374) 223305
33.DEO(01374) 222122
34.ADEO(01374) 224318
35.DFO, Soil Conservation(01374) 222257
36.DFO, Uttarkashi(01374) 222444
37.DFO, Barkot(01375) 224233
38.DFO, Purola(01373) 223328

Uttarkashi district was placed in the year of 1960. Most popular river The Bhagirathi flows in this district. Here collector office is being controlled by the DM as well as ADM go along as a supporter of the DM to clear issues which are happening there. SDM Minds those affairs which are concerning to the Sub-divisional office and he try to short out soon. District judge is posted on the district court and justifies all incident related to the judicial field. DSWO finds out Social welfare section problems and to removes rapidly. DEO supervises Educational field.

According to your requirement, you can find Uttarkashi Phone Numbers of District Level Officers Uttarakhand when you are in problem and need any type of help and discussion.

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