CG RTO Codes, Address, Phone Number for Chhattisgarh

CG RTO Codes, Address, Phone Numbers and Pin Code to Register Vehicle in Chhattisgarh

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RTO CodeRTO NameRTO AddressPhone Numbers
CG04RTO RaipurRawabhadha,
Bilashpur Road,
Raipur, Raipur,
0771 - 2563155
CG05DTO DhamtariCollectorate office Dhamtari,
07722 - 238006
CG06DTO,MahasamundCollectorate office
Mahasamund Mahasamund,
07723 - 224697
CG07ADDL.RTO DurgOpposite 5
Building Jail
road Durg,
0788 - 2324815
CG08ADDL.RTO RajnandgaonStadium Campus,
Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon
07744 - 223659
CG09DTO KabirdhamChhirpani Colony, Kabirdham
07741 - 233556
CG10RTO BilashpurBus stand Parisar, Bilashpur
07752 - 402080
CG11DTO Jangir_ChampaCollectorate office, Jangir_
Champa Jangir-Champa,
07817 - 224055
CG12ADDL.RTO KorbaOld Collectorate office, Korba
Korba C.G.
07759 - 226640
CG13ADDL.RTO RaigarhCollectorate Building, Raigarh
Raigarh C.G.
07762 - 225026
CG14DTO JashpurOld Collectorate Office Jashpur,
Jashpur, CG
07763 - 220916
CG15ADDL RTO AmbikapurBus Stand
07774 - 220725
CG16RTO BaikunthpurCollectorate Road, Chindand Baikunthpur
(Koriya), Baikunthpur,
07836 - 296313
CG17RTO JagdalpurOpposite Distt. Court Jagdalpur,
07782 - 222718
CG18DTO DantewadaCollectorate Office
Dantewada, Dantewada,
07856 - 252653
CG19DTO KankerCollectorate Office of Kanker,
Kanker, CG
07868 - 241261
CG22DTO BalodabazarOffice of DTO Balodabazar,
CG23DTO GariyabandOffice of DTO Gariyaband,
CG24 DTO BalodOffice of DTO Balodabazar,
CG25DTO BemetaraOffice of DTO Bemetara,
CG26DTO SukmaOffice of DTO
CG27DTO KondagaonOffice of DTO Kondagaon,
CG28DTO MungeliOffice of DTO
CG29DTO SurajpurOffice of DTO
CG30DTO BalrampurOffice of DTO Balrampur,


Regional Transport office is a bureau of Indian government which looks after the overall activities of transport department under certain rules and laws. Each state’s transport office is governed by the government of India for their efficient functioning in the registration of several vehicles in accordance with their specific criteria.

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However, the major remarkable practice of the RTO office are empowered with the issuing of driving license, registration of vehicles and also to grant the certificate of fitness for the different transport vehicles.

The main job of the regional transport office of the state is to maintain the proper record of all registered vehicle with their owner identity. RTO offices give a unique number to every registered vehicle based on their vehicle’s owner address. So if any mishap or crime occurs then the offender will be easily traced out via its owner’s address.

There are total 26 RTO prevailing in the several places of the Chhattisgarh. These RTOs performs their works in accordance with the convenience of the public and vehicle population with the region.

In the given article, we have written the all required information regarding Chhattisgarh RTO. This information includes CG RTO codes with their corresponding address along with their phone number.

The above probably data regarding CG RTO codes will enable you to deal with any transport issue as stated above.

So from now onwards don’t think more about your transport issue because here we have the solution of your troublesome issues. If you have any doubt regarding anything relating to transport you can just visit your nearby transport office for their clearance.

We expect that above-given information of CG RTO codes would be helpful for the readers up to certain extent. We will try our best to keep updating you with the all necessary information of RTO.

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