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Jehanabad Emergency Services Phone Numbers Bihar

Here you will know about the emergency services phone numbers available in Jehanabad district of Bihar state and I would be happy to share this information. “Emergency” hears what comes first in your mind, probably ambulance, fire brigade or police force or something else you think?  In this changing scenario, domestic gas, women helpline and […] Read More

All News Channel Reporters Contact Numbers Jehanabad

In this article, you will find all news channels Reporters contact numbers of Jehanabad District in Bihar. All the news channels have their own press reporters for various districts. You will find phone number of each of them associated with national and regional news channels such as ABP Live, NDTV,  Aaj Tak, News18, News 24, […] Read More

Jehanabad Police Station Phone Number – All Thana

At present 8 police stations (thana) and 5 outposts (OP) exist in Jehanabad District. Police Stations are working in Kako, Shakurabad, Hulasganj, Parasbigha, Makhdumpur, Ghoshi and Pali, and outposts are in Karauna, Tehta, Okari, Bhelawar and Kalpa. We are writing here Jehanabad Police Station Phone Number and OP as well running in Jehanabad District following. Related: District […] Read More

District Jehanabad, Bihar Phone Number DM, ADM, DDC, DTO, DEO

District Jehanabad Administrative Officer Mobile Number of Commissioner, DM, ADM, DDC, DTO, DRDA, DEO, DLAO, DPRO, MVI, Election Officer, Treasury Officer, Agriculture Officer, Additional Collector, District Accounts Officer, Co-Operative Officer, GPO Officer, District Manager. Introduction: -Jehanabad was announced as a district in 1872. Before announcement as a district, it was known as Sub-division of Gaya. […] Read More

Blocks Jehanabad Bihar BDO, CO, BEO, BAO, PO Phone Number

Jehanabad District Phone Number of BDO, CO, BEO, Program Officer, Supply Officer, Agriculture Officer (BAO) In Jehanabad District, there are 8 blocks. Names of these blocks are Jehanabad, Kako, Makhdumpur, Ghoshi, Ratni Faridpur, Hulasganj and Modanganj. In the below given table, you will find the phone numbers of office BDO, CO, BEO, Program Officer and Supply […] Read More