Pithoragarh BDO Phone Number All Blocks Uttarakhand

Here in this article, you will find Pithoragarh BDO Phone Number for all the blocks in the district. Many blocks like Bin, Kanalichina, Munakot, Didihat, Gangolihat, Berinag, Dharchula, Munsyari are situated in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The contact number of BDO of each block is available in the following table.

Pithoragarh BDO Phone Number All Blocks Uttarakhand

1.BDO, Bin (05964) 225427
2.BDO, Munakot (05964) 266433
3.BDO, Kanalichina(05964) 259032
4.BDO, Didihat(05964) 232136
5.BDO, Gangolihat(05964) 242433
6.BDO, Berinag (05964) 244633
7.BDO, Dharchula(05964) 222253
8.BDO, Munsyari(05964) 222216

Each block has one BDO, this BDO is head of the block. Full form of BDO is Block development officer, who work in different areas like rural,  village,  etc. Rural development, block development etc are the field they cover. In this BDO offices, many other employees such as clerks, peons, stenographer, DEO etc do work. Total block works are handled by BDO and every employee helps to each other. They also always active to help those people who have a problem. In Pithoragarh, district administrative officers like ADM, DRDC, DWO, D.M, SLAO and many all others are working in the different departments.

According to your need, you may search contact details of Pithoragarh BDO Phone Number All Blocks and to call any officer of block.

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