Champawat Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

Administrative works of Champawat district is being handled by various district level officers such as DM, District Judge, CDO, DFO, CMO, DEO, DSO, DSWO, DIO, DTO, DPO, DPRO, Tehsildar and all others. You can follow their phone numbers with STD Codes according to your requirement. See below:

Champawat Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

1.DM Champawat(05943) 230285
2.District Judge(05943) 230632
3.CJM, Champawat(05943) 230632
4.CDO, Champawat(05943) 230550
5.DFO(05943) 230375
6.CMO(05943) 230312
7.Project Director,
(05943) 230345
8.DEO, Champawat(05943) 230531
9.DEO Basic(05943) 230614
10.District Exise
(05943) 230409
11.DSO(05943) 230746
12.DMSO(05943) 230699
13.DSWO(05943) 230307
14.District Savings Officer(05943) 230769
15.Treasury Officer(05943) 230440
16.Chief Veterinary
Medical Officer
(05943) 230843
17.DIO(05943) 230790
18.DTO, Champawat(05943) 230866
19.Youth Welfare Officer(05943) 230774
20.DPO(05943) 230942
21.District Employment Office(05943) 230303
22.DPRO(05943) 230394
23.Officer in charge UREDA(05943) 230794
24.Assistant Director
(05943) 2305355
25.Assistant District
Election Officer
(05943) 230296
26.Deputy District
Magistrate Sri Purnagiri
(05943) 266386
(05943) 234524
28.Tehsildar, Champawat(05943) 230023
29.Tehsildar, Tanakpur(05943) 26638
30.Naib Tehsildar,
(05943) 240349
31.Naib Tehsildar,
(05943) 234848
32.Naib Tehsildar,
33.Naib Tehsildar,

Champawat was established in 1997. Before this, it was the part of Almora. Here DM manages all the affairs which are running in this district as well as tries to solve all issues. District judge is posted in court and clears judicial matters. Development office is being headed by the CDO. The  cases regarding Education field is being solved by the DEO. Revenue collection area is being viewed by the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar redounds him. DPRO is deputed to clear all problems of Panchayati Raj.

If you are an inhabitant of Champawat you may take any phone number from here in order to call to different offices in the district.


  1. Problems should be solved at initial a villager go to contact directly to the most senior officials.they have to give the contact no. Of patwaris so villagers get their problems solved at the initial stage.

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