Vaishali District BDO, CO Phone Number, Email ID – All Blocks

BDO and CO functioning in every block of Vaishali has their official number to contact with the resident of the district. Presently there are 16 blocks in Vaishali District. Sahdeai, Hajipur, Patedhi Belsar, Lalganj, Bidupur, Cheharkala, Bhagwanpur, Gorau are few of the block’s headquarters where BDO, CO and other Staffs work. We are here to write Vaishali District BDO, CO Phone Number and Email Id.

Vaishali District BDO, CO Phone Number and Email Id

1.BDO, Hajipur(06224) 272292,
[email protected]
2.BDO, Lalganj(06224) 237221,
[email protected]
3.BDO, Vaishali(06224) 229415,
[email protected]
4.BDO, Bidupur(06229) 253970,
[email protected]
5.BDO, Bhagwanpur(06224) 246192,
[email protected]
6.BDO, Goraul(06227) 229233,
[email protected]
7.BDO, Mahua(06227) 223255,
[email protected]
8.BDO, Rajapakar(06227) 284545,
[email protected]
9.BDO, Jandaha(06227) 232128,
[email protected]
10.BDO, Patepur(06227) 253292,
[email protected]
11.BDO, Mahnar(06229) 235100,
[email protected]
12.BDO, Sahdeai(06229) 232200,
13.BDO, Desari(06229) 230028,
[email protected]
14.BDO, Raghopur(06229) 240004,
[email protected]
15.BDO, Patedhi Belsar(06224) 289394,
[email protected]
16.BDO, Cheharkala(06227) 228042,
[email protected]
17.CO, Hajipur9939706773
18.CO, Lalganj9471867559
19.CO, Vaishali9934356417
20.CO, Bidupur9905353461
21.CO, Bhagwanpur9430294101
22.CO, Goraul9934286539
23.CO, Mahua9431622310
24.CO, Rajapakar9431252068
25.CO, Jandaha9308831819
26.CO, Patepur9006383827
27.CO, Mahnar-
28.CO, Sahdai Buzurg9431436388
29.CO, Desari9973938493
30.CO, Raghopur9430259658
31.CO, Patedhi Belsar9939637581
32.CO, Cheharkala9431436387

Vaishali District is a part of Bihar and supposed to be the sensitive area in the state. All officers whether work on block level or district level has challenging responsibilities. BDO and CO are the blocks level officer who works for the preservation of administration. It is also necessary on the part of BDO to make progressive strategy transparent and open to the public so as to maximize public fulfillment.
Vaishali Vaishali District BDO, CO Phone Number avails you the way of communication you can take advantage of. Call them using these phone numbers if you need.


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  1. Shivam Kumar says:

    Sir , I had applied for Economically Weaker Section ( EWS ) on 24/07/2019. My Application Reference Number is EWS/CO/2019/16680. For download this Certificate the date was given is 05/08/2019. But still it is showing ( Under Process ). I request you to please resolve this issue.

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