Arwal District, Bihar, Police Station (PS) Mobile / Phone Number

Arwal District Police Station Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers, Contact Numbers, Address

Post / DivisonAddressMobileOffice
Police Station ArwalOfficer-In charge Arwal P.S., District - Arwal, Village -Vasilpur, Pin code - 8044019431822265228643
Police Station Rampur ChauramOfficer-In charge Rampur Chauram P.S., District - Arwal, Pin code - 8044019431822273235671
Police Station ParasiOfficer-In charge Parasi, P.S. District - Arwal Village - Parasi Bazar, Pin code - 8044289431822271235670
Police Station MehandiaOfficer-In Charge Mehindiya P.S., District -Arwal, Village - Jaipur, Pin Code 8044289431822270288784
Police Station KalerOfficer-In charge Kaler P.S., District - Arwal, Village - Aganur, Pin Code 8241139431822272255730
Police Station KarpiOfficer - In charge Karpi P.S., District - Arwal, Village -Karpi Bazar, Pin Code - 8044199431822266272565
Police Station KarpiOut Post In charge Shahartelpa (Karpi P.S.), District - Arwal, Village - Shahartelpa, Pin Code 804419235672
Police Station KarpiOut Post In charge Banshi (Karpi P.S.), District - Arwal,, Village - Sonbhadra, Pin Code 804421236771
Police Station KingerOfficer In charge Kinger P.S., District - Arwal, Village - Kinger, Pin Code 8044239431822268266191
Police Station KurthaOfficer In charge Kurtha P.S, District - Arwal, Village - Kurtha Bazar, Pin Code 8044219431822267268288
Police Station KurthaOut Post In charge Manikpur (Kurtha P.S.), District - Arwal, Village - Manikpur, Pin Code 804421268141
Arwal circleCircle Inspector, Arwal District - Arwal Village -Vasilpur, Pin Code 804401228976
Kurtha circleCircle Inspector, Kurtha District -Arwal, Village - Kurtha Bazar, Pin Code 804421268380
Sub-Divisional of Police, Office ArwalSub - Divisional of Police Officer Arwal, District - Arwal, Village Vasilpur, Pin code 8044019431800103228764
Deputy Supt. Of Police, Office KurthaDeputy Supt. Police officer (DSP), Kurtha, District Arwal, Village Kurtha Bazar, Pin code 804421268271


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