Darbhanga District BDO, CO Phone Number, Email Id

BDO and CO are functioning in every block of Darbhanga region. At present, there are divided into 18 blocks and 18 Circle Officer. The blocks are Alinagar, Benipur, Jale, Singhwara, Biraul, Baheri, Manigacchi, Tardih, Darbhanga, Hanuman Nagar, Hayaghat, Kaoti, Bahadurpur, Kiratpur, K. Asthan, K. Asthan East, Ghanshyampur, Gaura Bauram. In this article, we have written Darbhanga district BDO, CO phone number as well as Email Id of block officer in a tabular form.

Darbhanga District BDO, CO Phone Number, Email Id

1.BDO, Alinagar9431818556[email protected]
2.BDO, Benipur9431818204[email protected]
3.BDO, Jale9431818204[email protected]
4.BDO, Sindhwara9431818553bdosing-da[email protected]
5.BDO, Biraul9431818555[email protected]
6.BDO, Baheri9431818206[email protected]
7.BDO, Manigachhi9431818207[email protected]
8.BDO, Tardih9431818559[email protected]
9.BDO, Darbhanga9431818208[email protected]
10.BDO, Hanuman
9431818558[email protected]
11.BDO, Hayaghat9431818203[email protected]
12.BDO, Kewati9431818554[email protected]
13,.BDO, Bahadurpur9431818201[email protected]
14.BDO, Kiratpur9431818211[email protected]
15.BDO, K.Asthan9431818209[email protected]
16.BDO, K.Asthan East9431843562[email protected]
17.BDO, Ghanshyampur9431818205[email protected]
18.BDO, Gaura
9431004491[email protected]
19.CO, Alinagar9955405162[email protected]
20.CO, Benipur9471694063[email protected]
21.CO, Jale9472036634[email protected]
22.CO, Sindhwara9431250532[email protected]
23.CO, Biraul9801408222[email protected]
24.CO, Baheri9934663678[email protected]
25.CO, Manigachhi9431632021[email protected]
26.CO, Tardih9431818559[email protected]
27.CO, Darbhanga9431466278[email protected]
28.CO, Hanuman
9576887396[email protected]
29.CO, Hayaghat8987276747[email protected]
30.CO, Kewati9430427976[email protected]
31.CO, Bahadurpur9955771851[email protected]
32.CO, Kiratpur9431088876[email protected]
33.CO, K.Asthan9473381546[email protected]
34.CO, K.Asthan East9934046636[email protected]
35.CO, Ghanshyampur8271730316[email protected]
36.CO, Gaura
9471861021[email protected]

Darbhanga district is also famous for the cultural city of Bihar state. BDO normally perform supervisory and executive work of the region. All progress, prosperity, health, social and economic work are under his guidance. BDO also maintain peace and harmony in the region. Circle Officer (CO) generally looks after the land-related problems. The entire officers are responsible day to day works and equally important for us.

The above reliable data of Darbhanga district BDO and CO helps to connect with these officers as per requirement.


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