Police Department Phone Numbers , Gotegeon, Sainkheda, Mungwani, Paloha

S.No.Post / Police StationContact
1.SP(07792) 230941
2.AJK Narsinghpur(07792 236100
3.Gadarwara07791) 254888
4.Gotegeon(07794) 282021
5.Kareli(07793) 270323
6.Mungwani(07792) 262212
7.Narsinghpur(07792) 230303
8.Paloha(07791) 243164
9.Sainkheda(07791) 250121
10.Suatala (07793) 295036

Introduction of District Narsinghpur State Madhya Pradesh: –
There is district in state of Madhya Pradesh name is Narsinghpur. The other name of this district is Narsimhapur. Narsingh was the prophet of God Vishnu. Therefore the name of this town is after the temple of God Narsingh. The credit of the temple construction goes to the Jat Sardar. In the 18th century the temple had been built by the Jat Sardar. The dynasty of Khiwar was the followers of Lord Narsingh and hence they had make built the temple of God Narsingh. This district captured the value being placed in India.

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