Madhepura District Level DM, ADM Phone Number, Email Id

Madhepura region is one of the prominent city and is a part of Kosi division of Bihar. In this district DM, ADM and others district level officer  performs the smooth works in the region. All officers are responsible for developmental administration work in the region. Here in this article we have written the Madhepura district DM, ADM phone number along with Email Id of district officer in a tabular form as for your convenience.

Madhepura District Level DM, ADM Phone Number, Email Id

1.DM(06476) 222742,
[email protected];
2.ADM(06476) 224155,
[email protected]
3.DDC, Madhepura(06476) 222094,
[email protected]
4.District Land
Aquisition Officerf
8873969356[email protected]
5.DSO9470893338[email protected]
6.DTO9470716791[email protected]
7.DPFO(06476) 223614,
[email protected]
8.DEO9430408714[email protected]
9.Treasury Officer(06476) 223781,
[email protected]
10.DIO(06476) 222580,
[email protected]
11.DAO(06476) 222098,
[email protected]
12.DAHO(06476) 224296,
[email protected]
13.DFO9430887784[email protected]
14.DHO9431818979[email protected]
15.DPO(06476) 222091,
[email protected]
16.District Dairy
Development Officer
17.DSO9473223940[email protected]

In Madhepura region, DM performs supervisory, progressive and executive works in the district. Some of the main work of the District level officer in Madhepura includes looking after the maintenance of law and rule, crisis management. It also look after the collection of tax and revenue, develop welfare and wealth works, maintain peace in the district. DWO is responsible for implementation of the renovation of the school, college, market, hotel, social and economic progress.

The above-given details regarding Madhepura District Level DM, ADM phone number and email id are up to date.


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