Patna Emergency Services Phone Numbers Bihar

You would get Patna emergency services phone number Bihar right here for good of all. You may know that Patna is the capital city of Bihar state and all public facilities are available here. Many people lose their dear ones in road mishaps, fire incidents, and lack of medical services in the city every day. You could not deny your fate but, at the same time, you can prepare yourself for this situation and ready to help others too in the time of crisis. So if you see someone in trouble, you can help them with these emergency contact numbers for the sake of humanity. It is very useful information for everyone and especially for those, who are living in the city. Therefore, we are providing Patna emergency services phone number Bihar for good of all.

In this post, you would find the phone number of District control room, Police control room, Fire Station Headquarter, and emergency ambulance services. Additionally, you could see Blood bank, Women Helpline Number, and other essential services as well. So be a good citizen and ready to help others with this information, available in the following table.

Patna emergency services phone number Bihar

S.No.Name of servicesPhone Number
1.District control room patna0612 - 2219810
2.Police control room Patna0612 - 2201977
0612 - 2201978
3.Women Helpline Number 0612 - 2320047
0612 - 2214318
4.Fire Station Headquarter, Patna0612 - 2222223
0612 - 2262865
5.P.M.C.H Ambulance services0612 - 2670132
6.Kurji Hospital0612 - 2262516
7.Redcross Patna0612 - 2686247
8.Bihar State Blood Bank,Pmch 0612 - 2300334
9.Kurji Holy Family Hospital Blood Bank0612 - 2262540
0612 - 2264117
10.Patliputra Blood Bank0612 - 2300840

Patna is situated on the bank of the holy Ganga river. The capital city has fame due to its cultural and historical heritage. It was the center of politics and power during the  Nanda and Gupta dynasty. The city has more to offer its visitors and one of the most visiting places in the state. There are many places such as Kumhrar, Golghar, Zoo, Patna museum, Taramandal, you would like to know about. Patna Sahib Gurudwara is the center of Singh’s followers. It is the birthplace of the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Recently, they are celebrating his 350th birth anniversary there.

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