Kasaragod District Administration Phone Number

The district is the main executive division below the state level. District administer plays the vital role for development purpose in various sectors. In this article, we are mentioning Kasaragod district BDO, District collector, Education Deputy Director, District session Judge, Revenue Divisional Officer and others district level officer contact number one by one in tabular form. Kasaragod district administration phone number is somehow useful for us.

Kasaragod District Administration Phone Number

Post / DepartmentContact
1.ADM, Civilization (04994) 255833
2.Agriculture-Principal Agricultural Officer Civilstation(04994) 255346
3.Agro industries Corporation Vidyanagar(04994) 255408,
4.Akshaya Asst.District Mission Co-ordinator(04994) 227170,
5.Akshaya Help Desk, Civilstation (04994) 255726
6.Animal Husbandary Officer, Civilstation(04994) 255483
7.Anert Office, Near Railway Station Kasaragod(04994) 230944
8.Asst.Commissioner(04994) 227832
9.Asst. Development. Commissioner (General)(04994) 256355
10.BDO, Kasaragod (04672) 230230
11.BDO, Kanhangad (04998) 204048
12.BDO, Manjeshwar (04672) 272673
13.BDO, Nileshwar (04994) 280328
14.BDO, Karadka (04994) 260249
15.BDO, Parappa (04672) 255655
16.BRDC Palakkunnu(04672) 236580,
17.BSNL (04994) 256789
18.BSNL Complaint(04994) 198
19.Bus Owners Association222305
20.Collectorate (General)(04994) 255010
21.District Collector (Office)(04994) 256400
22.District Collector (Residence)(04994) 256600
23.Childline Office,Kasaragod (04994) 231570, 227797
24.CAMPCO, Kasaragod(04994) 256542,
25.Capex(04994) 202303
26.Central Excise Superintendent(04994) 230948
27.Central Intelligence Asst.Officer(04994) 230029
28.Cheif Judicial Magistrate (Office)(04994) 256995,
29Consumer Forum, Pulikkunnu(04994) 230845
30.Chandragiri Rest House, CPCRI (04994) 230539,
31.Co-op Asst.Registrar, Civilization (04994) 220428
32.Co-op Joint Registrar, Civilstation(04994) 255385
33.Co-op Joint Registrar, Civilstation(04994) 255385
34.CPCRI, Kasaragod(04994) 232894
35.CPCRI(04994) 232894,
36.Customs Superintendent(04994) 230259
37.Civil Suppliescorporation Office(04994) 230568
38.Dairy Development Asst.Director(04994) 255475
39.Drug Inspector, Kanhangad(04672) 208660
40.Danwandari Centre, Civilstation(04994) 256790
41.Economics & Statistics Deputy Director256474
42.Educational Deputy Director (04994) 255033
43.Ednl.Dist.Officer (DEO) Kasaragod230053
44.Ednl.Dist.Officer(DEO)Kanhangad(04672) 206233
45.Electrical Inspectorate, Kasaragod(04994) 256930
46.Deputy Cheif Engineer230382
Officer (District)
48.Employment Officer,Town,Hosdurg(04672) 209068
49Excise Assistant Commissioner256728
50.Excise Range Office230262
51.Excise Range Office, Kasaragod(04994) 227541
52.Excise Circle Office, Kasaragod(04994) 255332
53.Family Councelling Centre, Kasaragod(04994) 291771
54.FCI, Nileshwar(04672) 280242
55.Fire and Rescue Station, Kasaragod(04994) 230101,
56.Fisheries Deputy Director, Kanhangad(04672) 202537
57.Forestry Asst. Conservator (Social 255234
58.Ground Water Department(04994) 255392
59.Guest House, Kasaragod(04994) 230666
60.Housing Board Division Office, Kasaragod230168
61.Hospital (District) Causality(04672) 204047
62.Hospital (General) Kasaragod(04994) 230080,
63.Hostel District Panchayath ,Udayagiri(04994) 257086
64.ICDS 226660
65.Industries Centre, Vidyanagar(04994) 255749,
66.Income Tax Officer, Kasaragod(04994) 255798,
67.Information Office, Civilstation(04994) 255145
68.Informatics Office (NIC), Civilstation(04994) 256205
69.Insurance Office (District), Kasaragod(04994) 226027
70.ITI, Kasaragod(04994) 256440
71.ITI, Kayyur(04672) 230980
72.Judge - District Sessions Judge (Office)256390
73.Judge - District Sessions Judge (Residence)255420
74.Jail (Cheemeni
open jail)
0467 2251390
75.Jail (Sub jail Superintendent)230281
76.Jail (Sub jail Superintendent)230281
77.Janasevana Kendram (Friends)(04994) 227411
78.KEL, Badradka, Kasaragod232316
79.Kendriya Vidyalaya No.I Kudlu (CPCRI)(04994) 230787
80.Kendriya Vidyalaya No.II, Udayagiri(04994) 257329,
81.Labour Officer, Civilstation256950
82.President, District Panchayath, Kasaragod(Resi)(04994) 256722,
83.Panchayath Deputy Director255782
84.Panchayath Asst.Directo255803
85.Probation Office, Civilstation(04994) 255366
86.Planning Officer, Civilstation(04994) 255313
89.Plantation Corporation(04672) 250223
90.Press (govt.) Kannur(0497) 2747306, 2707208
SP(04994) 255461,
Post Office Enquiry (Head) 230063
Post office,Vidyanagar(04994) 256160
Post Master, Vidyanagar230884
Post Offices Superintendent230746,
Railway Enquiry, Kasaragod(04994) 230200
Railway Divil.Manager, Palakkad(0491) 555296,
Revenue Divisional Office, Kanhangad(04672) 204298
Sales Tax Officer, Kanhangad(04672) 240308
Scouts Bhavan257030
Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer 256860

Kasaragod is the smallest district of Kerala state. BDO is the supervisor of the district. He looks after the progress, social, economic, wealth, welfare and others related works.  Superintendent of the police (SP) is the head of the police force of the district.  He manages service record of the police force, government vehicles and others reliable duties in the region. Revenue divisional officer looks after land related issues and collection of land revenue. Special economic programs and poor people housing schemes looks after by Zilla panchayat in each region. At the time of emergency situation such as flood, earthquake, natural calamities and in other such cases, DC meets with different district administrator and takes proper step to mitigate the circumstances.

The above-written information regarding Kasaragod district administration phone number is up to date. If anyone has a query regarding any of their issues can immediately contact with its respective phone number as given.

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