Jamshedpur Police Stations, In Charge, Inspector Phone, Mobile Number

Jamshedpur Police Stations, In charge, Inspector Phone, Mobile Number
Police Department – Jamshedpur (East Sighbhum)

District Jamshedpur Contact Number of Police Inspector, P.S. In Charge, Traffic In Charge, Police Inspector-Cum-P.S. In Charge of Jamshedpur.

District Jamshedpur Police Department Contact Detail

DesignationMobileSTD CodeOffice
Police Inspector, Ghatshila Anchal943170649806585228185
Police Inspector, Bahragora Anchal943170650006594224243
Police Inspector, Musabani Anchal9431706499
Police Inspector-Cum-P.S. In Charge, Golmuri943170649406572271570
Police Inspector-Cum-P.S. In Charge, Vishtupur943170649706572431029
Police Inspector-Cum-P.S. In Charge, Sakchi943170649106572431034
P.S. In Charge, Birsa Nagar943170651206572282800
P.S. In Charge, olidih943170650106572651360
P.S. In Charge, Aazad Nagar 943170650206572462572
Traffic In Charge, Vishtupur9431332801

Introduction : – Jamshedpur is managed by the ruling body of Tata iron and steel company. The tale of establishment of Tata is related with the most famous industrialist in his time Jamshedji Tata. He set up the reputed company and began the progressive process of this town. There after the halter of this company had taken the responsibility in their hands of  heritor. It is placed in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand state. The rural area of Tatanagar is too much fertile due to the river of Subarnarekha and kharkhari.


  1. Dear Sir,
    You are requested to take some major action against those motor cycles having tremendous noise emitted from their silencers. Number of such motor cycles are increasing day by day, your necessary action can stop the noise pollution.
    Thanking You,
    A Sensitive Jamshedpur citizen,

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