BDO Gaya District Contact Numbers All Blocks

BDO Gaya District Contact Numbers enable you get help from the officer. These numbers amay also fulfill your official work’s need.. Total number of blocks in Gaya is 24 and in each block a BDO (Block Development Officer)) works as in charge of the block. Name of the blocks in Gaya District are Guraru, Paraiya, Gurua, Sherghati, Wazirganj,  Dobhi,  Dumaria, Imamganj, Bankey Bazar, Bodhgaya,  Mohanpur, Barachatti, Tankuppa, Fatehpur, Gay, Municipal Corporation, Konch, Tekari, Belaganj, Town Block Khizarsarai, Nimchak Bathani Atri, Muhra, Manpur. In the underneath table, BDO Gaya District Contact Numbers are present.

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Phone Number of All Officers of Gaya District Bihar – DM, ADM DDC

BDO Gaya District Contact Numbers

S.No.DesignationE-mailOfficial Mobile No.
1.BDO Guraru[email protected]9431818488
2.BDO Paraiya[email protected]9431818070
3.BDO Gurua[email protected]9431818067
4.BDO Sherghati[email protected]9431818071
5.BDO Wazirganj[email protected]9431818482
6.BDO Dobhi[email protected]9431818485
7.BDO Dumaria[email protected]9431818074
8.BDO Imamganj[email protected]9430965696
9.BDO Bankey Bazar[email protected]9431818484
10.BDO Bodh Gaya[email protected]9431818483
11.BDO Mohanpur[email protected]9431818063
12.BDO Barachatti[email protected]9431818065
13.BDO Tankuppa[email protected]9431818486
14.BDO Fatehpur[email protected]9431818069
15.BDO Gaya Munciple Corporation[email protected]9431818068
16.BDO Konch[email protected]9431818064
17.BDO Tekari[email protected]9431818480
18.BDO Belaganj[email protected]9431818479
19.BDO Town Block9431818068
20.BDO Khizarsarai[email protected]9431818072
21.BDO Nimchak Bathani[email protected]9431818487
22.BDO Atri[email protected]9431818062
23.BDO Muhra[email protected]9431818489
24.BDO Manpur[email protected]9431818066

BDO is responsible for Development works in the block. Welfare of people living in the block is also his duty. He executes the different program like NREGA, ICDS, and others. If you need to get help call on BDO Gaya District Contact Numbers.


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