Angul Phone Number District Level Officers Odisha

In Angul district Odisha, DSSO, RMC, DAO, DM, ADM looks after the progress, social, economic, wealth, welfare and they are doing a lots of others progress works in this region. we are sharing Angul District Odisha DM, ADM contact number one by one in tabular form and  We are also mentioning DAO, DSSO, RMC, CTO, CSO, DSRO, DTO, CDMO, DLO, DPRO, DSO, DPO, DSWO and others district level officers contact number in tabulated form.

Angul Phone Number District Level Officers Odisha

1.DM(06764) 230567
2.ADM(06764) 230491
3.DAO(06764) 230351
4.DSSO(06764) 230824
5.RMC(06764) 236363
6.CTO(06764) 230344
7.CSO(06764) 230282
(06764) 230569
9.DSRO(06764) 232001
10.DTO(06764) 230432
11.CDMO(06764) 232507
12.DLO(06764) 236337
13.DPRO(06764) 230462
14.DSO(06764) 231348
15.DPO(06764) 231346
16.Supt. of Excise(06764) 231341
17.District Employment
(06764) 230216
18.DSWO(06764) 231820
19.District Emergency
(06764) 230980
20.Sub Collector,
(06760) 240720
21.Sub Collector,
(06765) 279221
22.Sub Collector,
(06763) 254222
23.Sub Collector,
(06764) 230302

DM manages the executive, progress and others function in this region. ADM also taking their  responsibility for the additional related works in this region. DAO, DSSO, RMC, CTO, CSO, DSRO and others district officers also co-operate with DM for the progress of this region.They are also doing a lot of essential work whatever the needed of this region.

The above-written information regarding Angul district Odisha DM, ADM and district level officers contact number is up to date as per current notification.  If anyone faced any types of trouble regarding  of their may directly contact Angul Phone Number District Level Officers with the respective number as given.

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