AIIMS Patna Phone Number, Email Id, Address

AIIMS Patna Phone Number opens your way to make contact with the hospital. You know AIIMS is emplaced in Patna in 2010 to facilitate the people living in Bihar with advanced treatment and diagnosis. If you are the one who wants to contact AIIMS Patna to get time schedule, treatment availability for treatment of your near one then read AIIMS Patna Phone Number, Email Id, Address below:


AIIMS Patna Phone Number, Email Id, Address

AIIMS Patna Phone Number: – 0612-2920182

Email Id: –

Fax: – 0612- 2452102

Address: – All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Phulwari Sharif Patna, Bihar- 801505

AIIMS is one of the best hospitals in India. Its branch is located in Phulwarisharif Patna. People at Patna or nearby can get treatment here very easily. You know everybody wants to take treatment in AIIMS.

In this hospital, learned doctors are available and treat patients with excellent care and medicine application as well. They are known to work with great efficiency.

Several departments work in AIIMS Patna whether it is pediatric, orthopedic, cardiac or any other. Patients having every type of disease are able to get treatment here. Being a government hospital, the treatment is heavily cheaper than the private hospitals. Today treatment demands a high amount of money and to get better treatment is almost impossible for the poor. AIIMS Patna is the solution of this problem. AIIMS Patna investigations are 27% lower than the charges of CGHS. It provides 24 hours 7 days service. Apart from this modern machines are available here which support in the proper treatment of patients.

Before you come to the hospital, you might want to know the details like time schedule, treatment availability etc from the AIIMS Patna personals so that you could arrange all things in the better way before you reach the hospital. The Hospital has set a phone number which can be helpful for you. To get services of this hospital AIIMS Patna Phone Number, Email Id, Address may help you;

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