All Child Specialist Doctor Pediatrician Patna Phone Number

1. Child Specialist Doctors / Pediatrician Patna Phone Number
 Dr. Amrendra Kumar
 Dr. A.K. Pandey
 Dr. Tarique Aziz
 Dr. Arun Kumar Thakur
 Dr. Akhilesh Kumar
 Dr. S.C. Bhavani
 Nidan Surgical Nursing  Clinic
 Dr. Asha Sinha
 Dr. P.P Mishra
 Dr. S P Srivastava
 Dr. Ranjit Kumar
 2.  Child Specialist Doctors / Pediatrician Patna Phone Number
 Dr. M. P. Sinha
 Dr. Chandra Bhushan  Kumar
 Saroj Hospital
 Dr. Anand Shankar
 Dr. G.S Haque
 Patna Polyclinic
 Dr. Atul Kumar Singh
 Dr. Rashmi Agrawal
 Dr. Om Prakash
 Dr. C.S. Prasad
 3.  Child Specialist Doctors / Pediatrician Patna Phone Number
 Dr. S.P Srivastava
 Dr. B.B Gupta
 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh
 Dr. Kiran Sharma
 Dr. Navin Kumar
 Dr. Lala Suraj Nandan
 Patliputra Clinic
 Dr. Binod Kumar Singh
 Himanshu Clinic
 Dr. S. Sikdar
 Dr. Nigam Prakash  Narayan
 4. Child Specialist Doctors / Pediatricians Patna Phone Number 
 Dr. Gautam Verma
 Dr. R.K.Himansu
 Dr. Ajay Krishna
 Honey Bunch Child Care  Centre
 Dr. Sarshi Naynam
 Dr. Kumar Pratik
 Ishan Children Hospital
 Dr. Varun Kumar
 Dr. Amit Kumar
 Dr. Anup Kumar
 Dr. Md Afzal
 Dr. N.K. Thakur
 5. Child Specialist Doctors / Pediatrician Patna Phone Number
 Dr. Vinod Kumar Mishra
 Dr. Bhupendra Narayan
 Dr. Neelam Verma
 Divya Jyoti Nursing Home
 Dr. Yogesh Krishna Sahay
 Sanjay Child Health Care  Centre
 Dr. S.K. Upadhyay
 Dr. Amit Ranjan
 Panna Memorial Children  Hospital
 Dr. B.B Singh
 Dr. S.C Bhawani
 Dr. H.K Verma
 6. Child Specialist Doctors / Patna Phone Number
 Dr. Nigam Prakash  Narayan
 Dr. K P Sharma
 Dr. Birendra Kumar Singh
 Dr. A.K Jaiswal
 Dr. Purnendu Ojha
 Dr. Shrawan Kumar
 Dr. Rajaram Prasad Singh
 Dr. Mohan Kejriwal
 Dr. R.P Singh
 7. Child Specialist Doctors / Pediatrician Patna Phone Number
 Dr. Shishu Pal Ram
 Jyotipunj Hospital
 Ayush Hospital
 Nimisha Clinic
 Dr. Arun Kumar Thakur
 New Born Care Centre Pvt  Ltd
 Dr. Utpal Kant
 The Apollo Clinic
 Dr. Mohan Choudhary
 Prasad Clinic & Child  Immunisation Centre
 Dr. Hemant Kumar Verma
Here We are presenting the Phone Numbers of all the Pediatricians practicing in Patna. Earlier we have written so many articles for their contact details. Here you find collected list of all those articles which are written previously.


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