Sheikhpura, Bihar District Level Officers Phone Number

District Sheikhpura Contact Numbers of District Level Officers like DM, ADM, DDC, Director DRDA, SDO, LRDC, DTO, MVI, FCI, SDO BSNL, JTO BSNL, TTA BSNL, Executive Magistrate Junior Election Officer ETC.

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Sheikhpura, Bihar District Level Officers Phone Number

Sheikhpura District Level Officer Contact Detail

STD Code of Sheikhpura – 06341

Email id Dm Sekhpura: –


S.No.Post MobileOffice Residence
4.Director, DRDA223910224100
5.SDO, Sheikhpura9471484304
6.Hosting, Sheikhpura9431073229223865
7.Land Reform Deputy Collector Co- District Transport Officer (LRDC, DTO)9462247221
8.Senior Deputy Collector7654308416
9.Senior Deputy Collector9934951466
10.Senior Deputy Collector9470488488
11.Senior Deputy Collector Co- Deputy7250863364
12.Election Officer9430080739
13.District Panchayati Raj Officer9955728685
14.Executive Magistrate9430603193
15.Executive Magistrate9430844350
16.Executive Superintendent9771784196
17.Public Grievances Officer9304318015
18.Junior Election Officer9955785400
19.District Treasury Officer (DTO)9973008470224363
20.District Supply Officer (DSO)9570501008
23.DIA, NIC9473134753
24.IT Manager, Sheikhpura8986111152
25.District Mining Officer9430576995
26.Mineral Development Officer9431071031
27.District Fisheries Officer9473195131
28.District Husbandry Officer9431849284
29.District Forest Officer9431818978
30.District Agriculture Officer9431818804
31.District Co-Operative Officer9431825191
32.Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer9431673034
33.Product Superintendent9934096346
34.Product Inspector9973334071
35.Commercial Officer, Sheikhpura Co Lakhisarai943021855906346-232959
36.Inspector, Home Defense Corps9431673121
37.MVI ,Sheikhpura9431821080
38.Labour Superintendent9431147044
39.Labour Inspector9431832518
40.Additional District Public9534948810225110
41.Relations Officer
42.District Statistical Officer9431095802
43.District Welfare Officer9955086408
44.District Registrar Officer9955226042225025
45.Consumer Office223410
46.District Planning Officer9431949498223323
47.GM, Industry Centre9431887548
48.District Cooperative Officer9835043479
49.District Agriculture Officer9431818751
50.Director, AATMA9431642905
51.Deputy Superintendent Kara9905273187225178223613
52.SDO, BSNL, Sheikhpura9431200713
53.JTO, BSNL, Sheikhpura9431000543
54.TTA, BSNL, Sheikhpura
55.DEO Sheikhpura9430062610
56.Game Officer9308680101
57.ADPC, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan9430943070
58.Sarv Shiksha Engineer
59.Literacy Office
60.Principle  Navodaya Vidyalaya9431415200
61.Ramadhin Collage , Shikhpura9955610828
62.SKR College Barbigha9934022911
63.Sanjay Gandhi Mahila College, Sheikhpura8986111201
64.Islamiyan High School, Sheikhpura9934273356
65.DM High School, Sheikhpura

Introduction: – Sheikhpura district has been formed on 31 July 1994. The total land of Sheikhpura district is about 77,707 hectares. In this district, lands are too much fertile from the agriculture point of view. This district has two kinds of region, rocky formed by hilly portion and which is surrounded by prolific land. In literacy ratio, it is not too much rich. It has an average education rate. As per the census of 2001, the total population of Sheikhpura is 5,25,502. It has no perennial river. Rivers flow during the rainy season. It is well connected by bus services with outside of the district and internal part of the district. The language which is spoken by the local public of this district is Magahi.

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