Railway Station Phone Number – Sardiha, Shyamchak, Shalimar, Soro

Railway Station Kharagpur

Railway Station Phone Number – Sardiha, Shyamchak, Shalimar, Soro and Station codes

S.No.Station NameCodePhone Number
4.Shalimar StationSHM45862

After Howrah railway junction, Kharagpur junction is a busiest junction. Kharagpur railway junction is called a gateway of South Eastern Railway. Kharagpur is well connected with Delhi, Adra Howrah, Chennai, Tatanagar and Mumbai. There are one hundred seventy six passengers trains crosses through this station. Kharagpur is the longest platform in the entire world. The length of this station is 1,072.5 metres. The total number of platforms at Kharagpur Junction are ten. In this city, there is Air force station. Here underneath we are giving few valuable code and enquiry numbers of Kharagpur Division Railway stations Sardiha, Shyamchak, Shalimar,  Shalimar station.

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