Railway Station Phone Number – Marichethal, Matmari, Kosgi, Kuppagal, Isivi

South Central Railway

S.No.Station NameCodePhone Number
3.Mantralaym RoadMALM08512–259949
7.Mantralayam RoadMALM08512–202050

On the river of Godavari, Railway was constructed the rail bridge in 1897. This bridge had been built under the leadership of a British Engineer Mr. Walton. The length of this bridge is three km. This bridge was constructed with the help of Steel Girders and Stone Masonry. This railway bridge is driveway of Hyderabad-Howrah, Chennai-Howrah and Guntakal-Howrah. The age of this viaduct is more than 100 years but from the year of 1997 the train services from this viaduct have been suspended. Now the First Railway Bridge of Godavari River is one of the best examples of manifesting human endeavour and skill.The bridge comes among these stations. These railway stations are situated in South Central Railway (SCR).

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