Ramgarh District BDO, CO, CDPO Phone Number – All Blocks

BDO and CO and CDPO are selected to look after the progress work in each block of respected district. In Ramgarh, there are total 06 blocks. They Ramgarh, Gola, Mandu, Patratu, Dulmi and Chitrapur. In this article, see the given table for further more detail information of  the Ramgarh District BDO, CO, CDPO Phone Number and Email Id. If you are the resident of Ramgarh then you can immediately get into touch with them and discuss your applicable issues using these phone numbers.

Ramgarh District BDO, CO, CDPO Phone Number and Email ID

1.BDO, Ramgarh9835996963[email protected]
2.BDO, Gola9431530386
[email protected]
3.BDO, Mandu8084383406[email protected]
4.BDO, Patratu9162152041
[email protected]
5.BDO, Dulmi9608365410
[email protected]
6.BDO, Chitarpur9934347022
[email protected]
7.CO, Ramgarh9470377388[email protected]
8.CO, Gola9431362630[email protected]
9.CO, Mandu9470954151[email protected]
10.CO, Patratu8986637503
[email protected]
11.CDPO, Ramgarh8986749192
12.CDPO, Mandu9431312338
13.CDPO, Patratu9431104170
14.CDPO, Gola9162009964
15.CDPO, Dulmi9472725694
16.CDPO, Chitarpur9470509616

Block Development Officer (BDO) is the main head of the block. The overall progress works of the block are completed under his supervision. Including its education, health and employment-related works are also under his supervision. The CDPO is usually responsible for child development works of the district.

We have written here Ramgarh District BDO, CO, CDPO Phone Number and email Id is useful to interrelate with them in your applicable issues.

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