Phone Number SCS, Samad, Sambamoorthy Hospital / Clinic Erode

Tamil Nadu ( Erode District ) Phone Numbers

Contact and
Communication Details of SCS Hospital, Samad (Bharat Neuro Hospital) and
Sabamoorthy Eye Clinic – all of which are located at Erode, have been given in
below written few lines as per following —

1. Name and Place of Clinic / Hospital –
SCS Hospital, Erode
STD Code
Number – 0424
Telephone Number – 2255727

2. Clinic / Hospital Name and Location –
Samad (Bharat Neuro Hospital), Erode (Tamil Nadu)
STD Code No.
– 0424
Telephone Contact Number – 2252288
Mobile Numbers – 09842702105, 09842715557

3. Hospital / Clinic Name and Venue –
Sabamoorthy (Eye Clinic), Erode
STD Code Number –     0424
Office Phone Contact Number – 2255802
In this blog post, I have mentioned office contact numbers and STD Code Number of S.C.S Hospital, Samad Hospital (Bharat Neuro Hospital), and Sabamoorthy Eye Clinic all of them are situated at Erode District Town of Tamill Nadu State. Patients and other people may use the aforementioned telephone number as per their desire. Persons who are in search of contact numbers of any educational institution, government employees, hospitals, etc can obtain contact details from this website.


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