Phone Number PS Boram, Ghatsila, Shyamsundarpur, Jadoo Gora, Barsol

Police Department – Jamshedpur (East Singhbhum)

District Jamshedpur Contact Numbers of P.S. (Police Station) In Charge

DesignationMobileSTD CodeOffice
P.S. In Charge, Boram9386316294
P.S. In Charge, Ghatsila943170651706585225409
P.S. In Charge, Shyamsundarpur943170652106585232124
P.S. In Charge, Jadoo Gora943170652306572730345
P.S. In Charge, Barsol9431706527

About: – Jamshedpur is the metropolitan city in Jharkhand. In the whole world it has 84th rank  through development point of view. This town is being managed and developed by the Tata group by all means.

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