Phone Number of Block Level Officers of Bhojpur District, Bihar

District Bhojpur Block Level Officer Contact Detail / Phone Number of BDO (Block Development Officer), CO (Circle Officer), CDPO (Child Development Project Officer).

District Bhojpur Block Officer Contact Number

BDO (Block Development Officer)Ara9431418449239766
CO (Circle Officer)Ara8544412480
BDO (Block Development Officer)Barhara9431818020
CO (Circle Officer)Barhara8544412481
BDO (Block Development Officer)Koilwar9431818018282358
CO (Circle Officer)Koilwar8544412483
BDO (Block Development Officer)Sandesh9431818021287255
CO (Circle Officer)Sandesh8544412485
BDO (Block Development Officer)Piro9431818023223201
CO (Circle Officer)Piro8544412491
BDO (Block Development Officer)Charpokhari9431818022283262
CO (Circle Officer)Charpokhari8544412490
BDO (Block Development Officer)Bihiya9431818024241464
CO (Circle Officer)Bihiya8544412487
BDO (Block Development Officer)Shahpur9431818451282377
CO (Circle Officer)Shahpur8544412489
BDO (Block Development Officer)Udwant Nagar9431818450275240
CO (Circle Officer)Udwant Nagar8544412486
BDO (Block Development Officer)Garhani9431818454289252
CO (Circle Officer)Garhani8544412482
BDO (Block Development Officer)Jagdishpur9431818017280507
CO (Circle Officer)Jagdishpur8544412488
BDO (Block Development Officer)Agiaon9431818453
CO (Circle Officer)Agiaon8544412479
BDO (Block Development Officer)Sahar9431818019272266
CO (Circle Officer)Sahar8544412484
BDO (Block Development Officer)Tarari9431818452244264
CO (Circle Officer)Tarari8083530673
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Sadar Ara9431005143
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Udwant Nagar9431005154
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Shahpur9431005152
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Agiaon9431005156
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Sandesh9431005151
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Koilwer9431005148
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Charpokhari9431005146
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Jagdishpur9431005147
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Tarari9431005153
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Piro9431005149
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Garhani9431005155
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Sahar9431005150
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Bihiya9431005145
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Barhara9431005144

Introduction: – There are thirty-eight districts in Bihar. Bhojpur is one of them. The administrative office of this district is Ara. The Old name of Arrah is Bhojpur. It covers an area of 2,395 square kilometers. It is located at 193 k.m above form sea level. Indian government has announced in 2006 that Bhojpur is the most backward district in India. The Sone and Ganges rivers are the base of irrigation for the fertile land of Bhojpur. The great son of Bhojpur, Veer Kunwar Singh, the great freedom fighter and warrior of 1857, was the first freedom fighter in Indian History. The most famous MAIA KALI TEMPLE  is located around 15 k.m away from Ara town. It is said that it is one of the oldest temples in India.

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