Phone Number of BDO, CO Gumla, Bharno, Sisai, Ghagra, Chainpur, Dumri

Block Department – Gumla (Jharkhand)

District Gumla Contact Numbers of Block Level Officer

DesignationBlockSTD CodeOffice
BDO (Block Development Officer)Gumla Sadar06524221550
CO (Circle Officer)Gumla Sadar0652431262
About :- In the time of British rule Gumla was the part of Lohardaga district. It was the section of Bishnupur state in the year of 1843. In fact, Ranchi has been announced as a district in the year of 1899 and Gumla was the sub-division of this district. Gumla was proclaimed a separate district on 18th May 1983. It is placed about 56 km away from nearest railway station Bano. The nearest airport is located in Ranchi and it is well connected with all big cities of India. Gumla is a boon of nature beauty and the land of this district is occupied by the hilly tracts forests and rivers. This district is spread in about 5327 square km. Gumla district receives the average rainfall of 1100 mm every year. The total numbers of villages are 953. Sex ratio is 987 females on every thousand of males  population and it in good condition in compare with other parts of India.
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