Phone Number MP Lok Sabha for Meghalaya

Phone Number MP Lok Sabha for Meghalaya and Email ID, Name of  two selected candidates:

NoConstituencyMPPartyContactEmail Id
1.ShillongShri Vincent H PalaINC(0364) 2226575
2.TuraShri Purno Agitok
INC(03651) 232825

Meghalaya is a small state in the North Eastern Region of India.In Lok Sabha, the state has only two Parliamentary Constituencies. We are giving you the name of elected MP of Meghalaya with their Party name as well as Phone Number & Email Id which help you to contact with them.

There are several political parties in the state which tried their campaign strategies, but only Indian National Congress has able to grab a position in the north-east area of the state. We think Phone Number MP Lok Sabha for Meghalaya will fulfill your need.

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