Phone Number – GM, Transport Corporation, Villupuram

Tamil Nadu Phone Number 
Name of Department –  Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Villupuram 
State – Tamil Nadu (India) 

Contact Phone Number with STD Code no. of General Manager, Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Villupuram is given as written under – 

Name of Department –   Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Villupuram 

Name of Designation –  General Manager

STD Code no. – 04146

Office Telephone number –  259256 to 60

We have provided information about Telephone number with STD Code number of General Manager of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation situated at Villupuram  (Tamil Nadu). It can help to anyone for solving any query or problem related to this office or Department. So, Anyone can use this number for convenience.


  1. srinivasan says:

    ஐயா வணக்கம் நான் 24.5.2016
    இரவு 10.40 மணி அளவில் Tn.32.n3917 என்ற”பதிவு எண் கொண்ட 1to3 பஸ்ஸில் பயணம் செய்தேன் பேருந்தை ஒட்டுனர் மிகவும் மோசமாக இயக்கினார்
    மற்ற வாகணங்களுக்கு இடையூரு
    தரும் விதமாக மிகவும் தாமதமாக இயக்கிணார் நான் நடத்துனரிடம் நான் சரியான நேரத்திற்கு செல்ல 1to3 என்று வந்தேன் இப்படி ஓட்டுகிறீர்களே என்று கேட்டேன் அதற்கு ஓட்டுனரும் நடத்துணரும் தகாத விர்த்தையால் திட்டி போய் உக்காருடா என்றனர் நான் Branch manager ரிடம் சொல்வேன் என்றதற்கு அவன் என்ன புழுத்துவான் என்று அவரையும் திட்டி கேவலமாக பேசி என் மனதை”
    புன்படுத்திய ஓட்டுனர் மற்றும் நடத்துனர் மீது நடவடிக்கை எடுக்குமாரு திழ்மையோடு கேட்டுக்கொல்கிறேன்

  2. K.Balamurugan says:

    I was travelled from salem to attur on 05.07.16 bus no : TN 25 N 0295. but printed on ticket bus no is TN 21 N 1261. travelled time 16:50 ( 4.50 pm ) The EXP bus fare on salem to attur is Rs.33 but the conductor collected Rs.35.( i had ticket copy of rs.35 ). and the conductor was not in proper uniform he weared dark blue pant with kakki shirt and did not pinned his name and Lic no on his shirt. please take further action.

    99656 98949

  3. S.Swaminathan says:

    Daily I am traveling from vanagaram to Sriperumbudur toll gate. I get used to get into Chennai – Kanchipuram all by pass as I could reach office early. Most of the times i will pay Rs.25/- as ticket fare. some days the conductor demands Rs.47/- that is full charge up to Kanchipuram, Kindly let me know the exact fare or what all the bus that I should not board or kindly make a sticker as Rs.47/- in the bus itself so that we can avoid that bus.

  4. You recspeted sir viluppuram (dt) marakkanam(tk) nadukkuppam villege sir marakkanam to nadukkuppam salvatharkku eantha vasathium eillai nadukkuppam sallum salaiel 8 villege ullana anal nadukkuppam saivatharkku eantha bus facility illai nadukkuppam post sutreum 5 villege ullana athana thanggal uthavi saiumaru paniudan kattukkolkeran 1 bus sayal pada vaikkumaru paniudan Kottekkuppam hospital,school salvatharkum makkal parithum avathippadu kinranar

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am Hari from Gudiyattam,
    I am travelling daily from Kannar(Morasapalli Stage) to Vellore in TNSTC buses through the 1/3 Concession pass.
    Everyday morning i am travel in a bus Route no- 87 bus no N – 2172.(KGF to VELLORE) the bus belongs to Vellore-Konavattam Depo,and it is a Ordinary service Only,
    From 14/02/2017 Evening onwards A new sticker was pasted in that bus as EXPRESS, and the Conductor was not allowed me to enter in the Bus and he said this bus was changed as TSS so you can travel through various bus, and here after we are not stop the bus your village(Kannar,Near to GUDIYATTAM),and the bus will stops in three Stages only that is
    PERNAMBUT only

    Unfortunately the Management changed a ORDINARY BUS as a TSS
    How can we travel from our place.
    And also there is no Alter Buses for that time,before this bus a new bus is there that Routed as 502 PERNAMBUT to ADAYAR It is also named as TSS.
    Every day huge no of people’s Tavel GUDIYATTAM bus stand to GUDIYATTAM RAILWAY STATION,Due to the changes of this TSS issue lot of passengers are suffered on this,

    Pernambut to Vellore Approx 47 Kms only
    The normal fare is Rs.22/-
    In TSS RS.30/-

    RS.8/- Extra charge Compare with Chennai Buses
    Distance Between Vellore to Chennai 138 Kms,
    The normal fare is RS.81/-
    In TSS also Rs.81/-

    In Premium Service Rs.86/-
    ULTRA DELUXE Rs.106/-

    Because of these change many peoples affect and

    And after this N-2172 bus 502(Pernambut to Adayar) bus is there this is also TSS so how can passengers travel between this time,
    So We Requesting you to change this Bus (N-2172 Route No 87)as ORDINARY SERVICE instead of TSS.
    Kindly do Our Needful As soon as possible Sir.

    Thanks & Regards,


  6. க,முத்து says:

    TN32N4046 இந்த வண்டிய டவுன்பஸ்சா விட்டாகுட எவனும் எரமாட்டான் இது வேர கள்ளகுறிச்சிToபெங்களூர் நல்லா வருவிங்க

  7. I planned to go Vellore in the Bus No “TN 23 N2191 – K80 C Service” Hosur to Chennai on 05-08-2017 at 17.40 in Hosur Bus stand. Driver name Mr. Kamalakannan and his Employee ID “0619” he told Vellore passenger were not allow in this bus like that he told, before get in bus I checked with conductor and he inform to get in bus.

    I told to driver Mr. kamalakannan I informed to conductor, why should you speak like this and this bus goes via vellore like that I told politely and he use vulgar and abuse words in front of all co-passenger. Driver did not put his Name and I inform him I will be make complain to your officer and I try to take snap, Mr. Kamalakannan Pick my Sony M2 mobile throughout from bus it fall down in bus stand and it display broken.

    I had gone to Time office in Hosur bus stand to made complain about him. In this office they try to compromise myself and nobody interest to take action about this incident.

    After 18.40 I got another bus from Hosur to vellore and get down at Vellore at 22.10. Above mention incident were explain in Time Office at vellore bus stand. They told to me make complain and give to General Manager in person at vellore depot.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Arunkumar A


    Fleet no.TN 21. N0778, route no. T 1 cpt to MKm is not stopped at I T I towards cpt at 10.15 am on 16/08/17. please advise to Driver and conductor for further duty.

  9. Dear General manager,

    TN 32, N 2664, 8E, we had been waiting for Bus at New bus stand Villupuram to travel Anniyur more than 15 passengers, driver and conductor told us passenger should no travel from new bus stand to old bus stand that will be charged, we accepted and complain this telephone number 0 4146259256, and we told that person we are waiting in side the new bus stand, customer care representative promised us that Bus will come inside and take you for there. But Bus does not come inside we are still waiting for the bus. Please treat this complaint with high priority and avoid this is kind of issue in future

  10. R.Chamundeswari says:

    Sir, yesterday that is on 4 10 2017 I had to board a bus no TN 45 N 3393 S C .57+2. The bus was opposite to the international airport.Firstly, I requested the driver whether it will go to vandaloor. The driver harshly shouted this bus will go after some time. I once requested how long will it take sir. since it was raining I asked like this. He said I will not tell. I said, sir, it is raining please tell or will it take a day. Why u say this sir.It is raining that’s y I am asking. In the meantime, the conductor came and said that,” madam please..andha aal appadithaan ..neenga yaerunga madam”. So I made up my mind to travel on that bus.finally, me and my son boarded. The driver started to scream at me saying abusive words..he said podi …I know what to do you. I said u concentrate on the driving. But he did not stop. He stopped ..I said fine I will have to lodge a complaint if u do like this suddenly he raised from his seat and came to slap. I said u will get severe action and receive a memo..I am also a government I am a teacher. He spoke bad of the education department but I’m a sincere servant producing 100 %..he spoke worse.Then he threatened the conductor that it was of him I was seated .suddenly the driver screamed hysterically saying” ennaala bus inimae ota mudiyadhu”and stopped… whilst the bus stopped it was near I decided to get down along with my son..and took an auto and on the way I gave a notification about this at the perungalathue depot. He took his camera and was recording my face while this problem was going inside the bus. Sir, I have all the self esteem to be maintained. U kindly take severe action against such ill government servants and I want the unwanted recording of my face in the driver’s be deleted. I cannot at any cost allow a stranger to have my feature.I just left the incident yesterday bearing the welfare of the passengers.u take necessary action because the safety of the women in our country is a million dollar question and freedom is at stake. Please take necessary action against this ill behaved driver and promote safer journey for the poor and women of this state. Thank you and God bless. My contact number 9176627813.

  11. says:

    Sir, i was traveled from Tambaram to Villupuram on 18/12/17 Monday at 4.45 am. The bus number is TN 32 N 3233 VILLUPURAM 3 BRANCH. I kept my laptop bag on the luggage area. But in Villupuram I forgot to take my laptop bag. I contact the depot through phone. But I didn’t get a proper response….. Sir pls help me to get the laptop. That bag contains laptop, laptop charger, mobile charger, power bank, my company id card. Sir pls help me. That’s my life. My number is 9840842681. Sir pls contact me.

  12. V. Komathi says:

    Respected sir,
    I am from the judicial department staff. We are nearly 50 government staff from all departments like PWD, treasury, bank, revenue, health are going to office from Puducherry to tinvanam,to Gingee regularly. During this lockdown period, we needed ur concern to make an arrangement for bus from Puducherry to Gingee. We hope ur help as early as possible.
    Thanking you sir.

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