Pauri Garhwal Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

Here we are proving you the Contact Number with STD code of all district level officer (DM, Commissioner, SDM, Judge, Treasury Officer, DEO, DIC, SDO) posted in Pauri Garhwal in tabular form. They all are working honestly and carefully for public in this district. These contacts will help you in every case. To find the contact number of district level officer see below:-

Pauri Garhwal Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

1.Commissioner(01368) 222563
2.DM(01368) 222250
3.CDO(01368) 222920
4.District Judge(01368) 222596
5.Civil Judge(01368) 222525
6.SDM(01368) 222348
7.SDM, Pauri(01368) 222348
8.SDM, Srinagar(01346) 2511 78
9.SDM, Satpuli(01386) 273685
10.SDM, Kotdwar(01382) 222754
11.SDM, Lansdowne(01386) 262224
12.SDM, Thalisain(01348) 222457
13.SDM, Yemkeshwar(01382) 222754
14.SDM, Chobattakhal(01386) 265370
15.SDM, Dhumakot(01348) 222457
16.CDMO(01368) 222213
17.TO(01368) 222396
18.DEO(01368) 223495
19.DIO(01368) 222283
20.DPRO(01368) 222454
21.DDO(01368) 222420
22.SDO(01368) 222277

in Pauri Garhwal (Uttarakhand), district level officers supervise all the cases which are happening in their district. DM clears up matters of the administrative field, Judges monitor judicial field, DEO care for all the cases which are related to education.  Panchayati Raj cases are being viewed by DPRO. All issues which belong to sub-divisional office are being viewed by SDO.

Pauri Garhwal Phone Numbers with STD Codes have been provided above. So you can view these numbers and can use according to your requirement.

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