Optus Customer Services Phone Numbers Technical Support, Sales, Helpline

You can find Optus customer services phone numbers here for your convenience. Optus is reputed as communication giant of the Australian continent. There is no need to say that how communication revolution changed our world. The impact of this revolution is very extensive in our daily life. Nowadays everyone wants to be connected to the network and be updated as well. The company serves the people of Australia by means of landline phone, mobile phone, internet, satellite phone, cable TV, and data transmission services as well. Optus is the very trusted name in the industry, where customer care services are the concern.

Optus Customer Services Phone Numbers

S.NOName of ServicesPhone Number
1.Optus Customer Service Number13 13 14
2.Optus sales enquiries Number1800-780- 219.
3.Optus overseas customer services Number +61-280-825-678
+61- 1800- 007- 007
4.Optus damaged equipment services Number 1800-505-777
5.Optus Business Accont for small business Number1300-531-761
6.Optus Medium sized business Accont Number 1300- 299- 375
7. Optus large business Accont Number 1300 -134-315
8.Optus Business Accont for Overseas+61 2 8087 3140
9.Optus Fixed Line account Services Number 1300-788-379
10.Optus Fixed line Technical support Number1300-300-3322
11.Optus media enquiries Number +61 2 8082 7850
12.Optus settelite Phone Services Number1800-500-269

First of all, we have to explain that why customer care services are an important part of business development. These services are essential for the growth of the industry because it increases the number of the consumer in favor of the company. Alphawest, the sister company of Optus,  is responsible for these services and they have 3000 inshore staff to satisfy their consumers in the country. They also outsourced services from overseas.

The company’s outsourcing partner is Convergys Corporation. They provide customer care solutions through more than 1000 offshore staff to Optus. Offshore simply means for those employees, who are not residing in the country but work for the company. You can say it, like outsourcing. The outsourcing centers are mainly in developing countries, where they can find workers at cheap rates. Therefore,  it is a modern way to reduce costs for the benefit of the organization. Nowadays many multinational companies trying hard to set an outsourcing center in developing countries like India, China, and the Philippines. Most noteworthy, they also create more job opportunities through this process. Therefore this is a win-win situation for both sides.

So you can use Optus customer services phone numbers to solve your issues instantly.

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