Nellore Current Office Phone Number, Andhra Pradesh (A.P)

This post helps those people who search Nellore Current Office Phone Number for different sections and sub-sections. You will find here the contact numbers of the employees working in Ananthasagaram, Duttalur, Bogole, Buchireddypalem, Chillakur, Chittamur, Dagadarti,  Inamadugu, Kaluvoy,  Kota, Kothur, Mudivarthypalem and others. All the details are listed in a table that includes the details of Junior Assistant Officer (J.A.O.), Superintending Engineer, Divisional Engineer(D.E.), Assistant Divisional Engineer(A.D.E.), Additional Assistant Engineer (A.A.E.), Revenue Accounts Officer(R.A.O.) Nellore ASPDCL Andhra Pradesh.

ASPDCL Toll Free Number – 1800425155333

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Now view the employee phone number details of  Nellore APSPDCL.

Nellore Current Office Phone Number

S.No.Designation & LocationPhone Number
1Accounts Officer(AO) Exp Nellore9491043476
2Revenue Accounts Officer(RAO) Nellore9440817467
3Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), ASPet9440814296
4Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Ananthasagaram9440814295
5Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Comml DO, Nellore9490615756
6Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Duttalur9440814292
7Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Bogole9440812058
8Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Buchireddypalem9440812061
9Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Chillakur9440812036
10Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Chittamur9440812043
11Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Dagadarti9440812064
12Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Inamadugu9440812069
13Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Kaluvoy9440812033
14Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Kota9440812041
15Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Kothur9440812026
16Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Kovur9440812065
17Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Mudivarthypalem9440812030
18Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Mypadu9440812027
19Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Pellakur9440812050
20Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Rapur9440812039
21Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Rurals-III, Nellore9440812025
22Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O T.P.Gudur9440812028
23Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Tada9440812054
24Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Town, Venkatagiri9440812044
25Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), O Vakadu9440812042
26Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Op Muthukur9440812023
27Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rural - I Town, Nellore9440812021
28Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals Town - II, Nellore9440812022
29Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals, Venkatagiri9440812045
30Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), SHPet Town, Nellore9440812020
31Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Seetharampuram9440814293
32Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Telecom&IT, Nellore9490618850
33Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Town Hall Section, Nellore9440812015
34Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Varikuntapadu9440814294
35Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Vinjamur9440814291
36Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), West - I Town, Nellore9440812013
37Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), West - II Town, Nellore9440812014
38Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO Gudur9440812076
39Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO Kavali9440812073
40Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO Kovur9440812072
41Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO Naidupet9440812074
42Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO R-II Nellore9493174281
43Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO Rurals Nellore9440812075
44Assistant Assistant Officer(AAO) ERO Town Nellore9440812071
45Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Atmakur9440814283
46Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C & O Buchireddypalem9440812009
47Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C & O Kota9440812004
48Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C&O Podalakur9440812001
49Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C&O Sullurpet9440812007
50Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Coml CO Nellore9491052935
51Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Const Gudur9440817480
52Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Const Kavali9440817481
53Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Const Nellore9440817479
54Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), CT Meters Nellore9440817487
55Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Customer Services9440814262
56Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Dist.Stores Gudur9440812012
57Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), DPE-I Nellore9440812081
58Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), DPE-II Nellore9440812082
59Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), HT Meters Nellore9440817486
60Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Kaligiri9440814282
61Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Indukurpeta9440811998
62Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Kavali9440812008
63Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Kovur9440812010
64Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Naidupet9440812006
65Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O NR Palem Kavali9490618809
66Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Rurals Gudur9440812003
67Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Rurals Nellore9440811997
68Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Town I Nellore9440811995
69Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Town -II Nellore9440811996
70Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Town Gudur9440812002
71Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O Venkatagiri9440812005
72Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Online Billing Nellore9440811904
73Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Opn Town III Nellore9440817595
74Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Protection MRT Nellore9440812011
75Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), SPM Nellore9440817484
76Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Telecom Nellore9440817469
77Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), TRE Nellore9440817483
78Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Udayagiri9440814280
79Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), r Civil Nellore9493174298
80Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), r Inhouse Nellore9440811908
81Assistant Engineer(AE), Balayapalli9440812046
82Assistant Engineer(AE), AK Nagar, Nellore9440812016
83Assistant Engineer(AE), Atmmakur, Rural9440814285
84Assistant Engineer(AE), Atmmakur Town9440814284
85Assistant Engineer(AE), Chinnamachanur9440814290
86Assistant Engineer(AE), Construction Gudur9490615753
87Assistant Engineer(AE), Construction Kavali9490615754
88Assistant Engineer(AE), Construction, Nellore9490615752
89Assistant Engineer(AE), CT Meters - I, Nellore9490615748
90Assistant Engineer(AE), CT Meters - II, Nellore9490615749
91Assistant Engineer(AE), Dakkili9440814288
92Assistant Engineer(AE), East - I Town, Nellore9440812018
93Assistant Engineer(AE), East - II Town, Nellore9440812019
94Assistant Engineer(AE), Gudur Town - II9440814287
95Assistant Engineer(AE), Harinathapuram9440814286
96Assistant Engineer(AE), HT Merers, Nellore9490615750
97Assistant Engineer(AE), Indl.Estate, Nellore9440812017
98Assistant Engineer(AE), Kavali Town - II9440814289
99Assistant Engineer(AE), LT Lab, Nellore9490615751
100Assistant Engineer(AE), O (YCB) Gudur Town - I9440812035
101Assistant Engineer(AE), O (YCB) Manubolu9440812040
102Assistant Engineer(AE), O Allur9440812068
103Assistant Engineer(AE), O Chejerla9440812032
104Assistant Engineer(AE), O Chendodu9490156505
105Assistant Engineer(AE), O D.V.Satram9440812053
106Assistant Engineer(AE), O Damaramadugu9440812062
107Assistant Engineer(AE), O Kaligiri9440812057
108Assistant Engineer(AE), O Kodur9440812029
109Assistant Engineer(AE), O Kondapuram9440812059
110Assistant Engineer(AE), O N.R.Palem9440812067
111Assistant Engineer(AE), O Ozili9440812049
112Assistant Engineer(AE), O Podalakur9440812031
113Assistant Engineer(AE), O Sangam9440812063
114Assistant Engineer(AE), O Sydapuram9440812037
115Assistant Engineer(AE), O Town Kavali9440812055
116Assistant Engineer(AE), O Utukuru9490156506
117Assistant Engineer(AE), O Venkatachalam9440812024
118Assistant Engineer(AE), O Vidavalur9440812066
119Assistant Engineer(AE), O Viruvuru9440812034
120Assistant Engineer(AE), O YCB Town, Sullurpet9440812051
121Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn BV Nagar Town - II9491052973
122Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn Kotamitta, Nellore9440814211
123Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn Rural Allur9491052972
124Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn Rural Buchi9491052971
125Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn Rural - II, Gudur9491052974
126Assistant Engineer(AE), Protection - I, Nellore9490615746
127Assistant Engineer(AE), Protection - II, Nellore9490615747
128Assistant Engineer(AE), R Kovvuru9490156507
129Assistant Engineer(AE), Rurals, Gudur9440812038
130Assistant Engineer(AE), Rurals, Kavali9440812056
131Assistant Engineer(AE), Rurals, Sullurpet9440812052
132Assistant Engineer(AE), Rurals YCB, Naidupet9440812048
133Assistant Engineer(AE), SPM, Gudur9490615742
134Assistant Engineer(AE), SPM, Kavali9490615744
135Assistant Engineer(AE), SPM, Nellore9490615743
136Assistant Engineer(AE), T DPE, Nellore9491043471
137Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical Atmakur9440817599
138Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical Circle Office Nellore9440817482
139Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical Const divn Nellore9490615755
140Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical DO, Naidupet9491052936
141Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical DO, Nellore9440817470
142Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical DO, Nellore Rural9491052937
143Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, Gudur9440817472
144Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, Kavali9440817471
145Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical M&P, Nellore9440817489
146Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical Trans, Nellore9440817485
147Assistant Engineer(AE), Town, Naidupet9440812047
148Assistant Engineer(AE), TRE, Nellore9490615745
149Assistant Engineer(AE), Udayagiri9440814281
150Assistant Engineer(AE), YCB Jaladanki9440812060
151Assistant Engineer(AE),-1 DPE - I, Nellore9490615757
152Assistant Engineer(AE),-1 DPE - II, Nellore9490615759
153Assistant Engineer(AE),-2 DPE - I, Nellore9490615758
154Assistant Engineer(AE),-2 DPE - II, Nellore9490615760
155CI SI APTS9440811787
156Divisional Engineer(DE), Constn, Nellore9440811993
157Divisional Engineer(DE), DPE, Nellore9440811991
158Divisional Engineer(DE), M & P, Nellore9440811992
159Divisional Engineer(DE), O, Gudur9440811988
160Divisional Engineer(DE), O, Kavali9440811989
161Divisional Engineer(DE), O, Nellore9440811987
162Divisional Engineer(DE), Opn Atmakur9440817594
163Divisional Engineer(DE), Opn Naidupet9493174265
164Divisional Engineer(DE), Opn Rural, Nellore9493174262
165Divisional Engineer(DE), T, Nellore9440811990
166Divisional Engineer(DE), Transformers, Nellore9440811994
167Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Atmakur9440817476
168Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Buchireddypalem9440907198
169Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Indukurpet9440907197
170Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Kaligiri9440907196
171Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Kota9440817475
172Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, NR Palem9490618824
173Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Podalakur9440817478
174Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Sullurupet9440817474
175Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Ugayagiri9440817477
176Junior Assistant Officer(JAO), S-ERO, Venkatagiri9440817473
177LMC Nellore9440817468
178PO CO Nellore9491066711
179Senior Assistant Officer(SAO) Circle Office, Nellore9440812070
180SI APTS9490615816
181SI APTS9490611614
182Superintending Engineer O, Nellore9440811749

Nellore has 79 section, 19 sub-divisional and 6 division with no. of 56000 distribution transformer.  The government makes the arrangement of Electric power looking at the population of the state. But for a certain cause people couldn’t get sufficient current in the district. If anybody needs to complain in this concern they can get help from Nellore Current Office Phone Number table above.

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