Munger BDO, CO, CDPO, BEO Phone Number, Email ID

BDO and CO in a Block manage development, welfare and land related works. Total 9 blocks in Munger exist. Some of these are Jamalpur, Dharahara, Bariyarpur and Tarapur Blocks, Sangrampur, Tetiabambar, etc. The officers working in all the blocks of the district have their official number. See the table below for further more on Munger BDO, CO, CDPO, BEO Phone Number.

Munger BDO, CO, CDPO, BEO Phone Number, Email ID

1.BDO, Sadar9431818254
4.BDO, Baryarpur9431818259
9.BDO, Sangrampur9431818257
10.CO, Sadar9431221866
11.CO, Jamalpur9801696802
12.CO, Dharhara9470023704
13.CO, Baryarpur9431210876
14.CO, Kharagpur9430272613
15.CO, Tarapur9471465875
16.CO, Asarganj9934253093
17.CO, Tetiabambar9546800805
18.CO, Sangrampur9430067753
19.CDPO, Munger
20.CDPO, Munger Urban9431005553
21.CDPO, Jamalpur9431005550
22.CDPO, Dharhara9431005551
23.CDPO, Baryarpur9431005557
24.CDPO, Kharagpur9431005552
25.CDPO, Tetiabambar9431005559
26.CDPO, Tarapur9431005556
27.CDPO, Asarganj9431005558
28.CDPO, Sangrampur9431005554
29.BEEO, Sadar9955516474
30.BEEO, Jamalpur9234944215
31.BEEO, Baryarpur9934706105
32.BEEO, Dharhara9472509163
33.BEEO, Kharagpur9835216540
34.BEEO, Tetiyabamber7549387922
35.BEEO, Asarganj9308999255
36.BEEO, Tarapur9430468591
37.BEEO, Sangrampur9955985460

Block Development Officer (BDO) is the administrator of a block. So the planning and development related works are performed under the full guidance of BDO. The CO is generally responsible for land related issues in the block. People living in this zone often need to communicate with these officers.

In this article, we have given Munger BDO, CO, CDPO, BEO Phone Number, Email ID. If you have any query regarding development or another issue can easily contact respected block officer for their immediate approval.



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