Motihari Police Station Contact Number, SP, DSP, SDPO

Motihari Police Station Contact Number of the thana located in different towns and blocks like Chakia, Sikarhana, Raxsaul, Pakridayal,  Mufassil, Chatauni, Turkaulia, Kalyanpur, Pipra Kothi, etc. People in difficulty may get Motihari Police Station Contact Number from the table below.

Motihari Police Station Contact Number, SP, DSP, SDPO / Police StationContactEmail IDFAX
1.SP MotihariPh - (06252)-232684
Mobile - 9431822988
2.ASP MotihariPh - (06252)-230461
Mobile - 8544428209
3.SDPO Sadar MotihariPh - (06252) 232923,
Mobile - 9431800068
4.SDPO ArerajPh - (06258) 285222,
Mobile -
5.SDPO Chakia(06257) 244076,
6.SDPO Sikarhana Ph - (06250) 262958,
Mobile - 9431800067
7.SDPO, RaxaulPh - (06255) 221514,
Mobile - 9431800066
8.SDPO, PakridayalPh - (06259) 283266,
Mobile - 9431800063
9.Muphasil (Police Station)9431822880
10.Chhatauni (Police Station)9431822902
11.Turkauliya (Police Station)9431822881
12.Lakhaura (Police Station)7033181444
13.Kotwa (Police Station)9431822888
14.Kalyanpur (Police Station)9431822887
15.Dumariya Ghat (Police Station)9431822886
16.Chakia (Police Station)9431822905
17.Mehsi (Police Station)9431822890
18.PipraKothi (Police Station)9431822889
19.Madhuban (Police Station)9431822891
20.Pakaridyal (Police Station)9431822893
21.Rajepur (Police Station)9431822906
22.Phenhara (Police Station)9431822907
23.Patahi (Police Station)9431822894
24.Dhaka (Police Station)9431822892
25.Chiraiya (Police Station)9431822895
26.Shikarganj (Police Station)9431822916
27.Ghorasahan (Police Station)9431822898
(Police Station)
(Police Station)
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(Police Station)
32.Raxaul (Police Station)9431822899
33.Haraiya (Police Station)9525243757
34.Chhauradano (Police Station)9431822896
35.Aadapur (Police Station)9431822897
36.Darpa (Police Station)9431822909
37.Mahuawa (Police Station)9431822912
38.Harpur (Police Station)9431822915
39.Nakaddei (Police Station)9431822913
40.Sagauli (Police Station)9431822900
41.Ramgarwa (Police Station)9431822901
42.Palanwa (Police Station)9431822917
43.Bhelahi (Outposts)9431822910
44.Bhopatpur (Police Station)9931007144
45.Jharokhar (Police Station)9431822914
46.Kundwa Chainpur (Police Station)9431822908
47.Banjariya (Police Station)9771027977
48.SC/ST Police Station9431426272
49.Mahila Police Station9431822880
50.Police Centre, Motihari9431822915
51.Police Control Room06252-242024
52.Kesariya (Police Station)9431822885
53.Pipra (Police Station)9431822903
54.Panchpakari (Police Station)9631138973
55.Hapur (Police station)9097583661 ,9661963620
56.Jitna (Police Station)9431822911

40 police stations are available in Motihari district in Bihar. Thana are working in  various blocks and towns. Police Station is very important in our life viewing protection against corruptions, terrorists, quarrels, etc. It helps the public in adverse situations. When a crime takes place, the person affected should immediately make a call  to the telephone number to inform the police.

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