Mandsaur Phone Number DWC DO, TO, Employment, Food Officer, Manager

District Administration – Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh (MP)
State:- Madhya Pradesh
District: – Mandsaur
Contact Numbers of District Employment Officer, District Organizer (Adim Jati Kalyan Vibhag), DWC DO (District Women & Child Development Officer), District Treasury Officer (TO), Executive Engineer (PWD), District Deputy Director Public Officer, Food Officer, Chief Manager (District Industry Centre), Manager (Kambal Kendra), Chief Municipal Officer.

District Employment Officer

Office Number: – 242309
STD Code       :-  07422

District Organizer (Adim Jati Kalyan Vibhag)

Office Number: – 242318
STD Code       :-  07422

DWC DO (District Women & Child Development Officer)

Office Number: – 242543
STD Code       :-  07422

District Treasury Officer (TO)

STD Code       :- 07422
Office Number: – 235308

Executive Engineer PWD

STD Code       :- 07422
Office Number: – 255211

District Deputy Director Public Officer

Office Number: – 223682
STD Code       :-  07422

Food Officer

Office Number: – 235115
STD Code       :-  07422

Chief Manager, (District Industry Centre)

STD Code       :- 07422
Office Number: – 223142

Manager (Kambal Kendra)

STD Code       :- 07422
Office Number: – 223308

Chief Municipal Officer

Office Number: – 244249
STD Code       :-  07422

Introduction of District Mandsaur State Madhya Pradesh : – The area of Mandsaur district is full of the natural resources and wild animals. The Slate pencil industry is like a boon for this district. Therefore it is being called the white gold. Dashpur was the old name of this district and it was the crown of Malwa.

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