Mandsaur MP Phone Number – DM, CEO, DEO, DFO, CMHO, DDA

1.District Magistrate(07422) 235260,
2.Chief Executive
(07422) 244380,
3.District Excise Officer(07422) 255338
4.Divisional Forest
Officer (Soil Con.Div.)
(07422) 255258
5.Divisional Forest
Officer (Div. Office)
(07422) 255258
6.President Consumer
(07422) 245502
7.Agro Industries
(07422) 242394
8.District & Session Judge(07422) 220778
9.Deputy Director
(07422) 241452
10.CMHO(07422) 242421

The old name of Mandsaur district is Dashpur. Mandsaur has four subdivision
including with eight tehsils. In the period of 1401 Dilawar Khan was the
Sultan of the Malwa state. After the death of the Dilawar Khan his son became
the king of this state. Strategically Malwa is very important and Mandsaur is
placed on the border of the Malwa. Hushang Shah Gori was constructed a fort in
Mandsaur for the protection in north-west boundary. In the year of 1519 the
Rajput king Rana Sanga won the fort and Ashokmal Rajput became the Kiledar of
its fort.


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