Lakhisarai District BDO, CO, CDPO, Program Officer Phone Number, Email Id

Lakhisarai district is the prominent city of Bihar. BDO, CO, CDPO and program officer are appointed to look after the development and administrative related works in the district. There are 07 blocks in the region. Some of these blocks are Barahia, Piparia, Surajgarha, Lakhisarai, Chanan, Ramgarh Chowk, Halsi. Here we have written Lakhisarai BDO, CO, CDPO and Program Officer Phone Number and email id of every block in a tabular form.

Lakhisarai District BDO, CO, CDPO, Program Officer Phone Number, Email Id
1.BDO, Barahia9431818262[email protected]
2.BDO, Piparia9431818574[email protected]
3.BDO, Suryagarha9431818263[email protected]
4.BDO, Lakhisarai9431818261[email protected]
5.BDO, Chanan9534404860[email protected]
6.BDO, Ramgarh Chowk9431818576[email protected]
7.BDO, Halsi9431818260[email protected]
8.CO, Barahia8544412621
9.CO, Piparia8544412625
10.CO, Suryagarha8544412629
11.CO, Lakhisaray8544412624
12.CO, Chanan8544412622
13.CO, Ramgarh Chowk8544412628
14.CO, Halsi8544412623
15.CDPO, Barahia9431005561
16.CDPO, Piparia9431005565
17.CDPO, Suryagarha9431005564
18.CDPO, Lakhisarai9431005563
19.CDPO, Chanan-
20.CDPO, Ramgarh Chowk9431005566
21.CDPO, Halsi9431005562
22.Program Officer,
23.Program Officer,
24.Program Officer,
25.Program Officer,
26.Program Officer,
27.Program Officer,
Ramgarh Chowk
28.Program Officer,

In Lakhisarai BDO is supervisory head of the district. All daily routine works permitted by block officer before its preparation. CO, CDPO and Program Officer are appointed to look after the executive and development related works. All officers are also responsible for social, economic, education, electoral and others progress related works. All district officers perform the vital role for the development of the district.

The above-written contact info of Lakhisarai district BDO, CO, CDPO and Program officer phone number and email id are from its official website that mean one can trust on it.

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