Kishanganj District BDO, CO, CDPO, MOIC Phone Number, Email Id

In Kishanganj BDO, CO, CDPO and MOIC are selected to looks after the progressive, administrative, economic, prosperity and others development works. In Kishanganj, total numbers of blocks are 07. Kishanganj, Bahadurganj, Thakurganj, Pothia, Terachagach, Dighalbank, Kochadhaman are few of these blocks. In this article, we are giving here Kishanganj district BDO, CO, CDPO and MOIC phone number and email id in tabular form.

Kishanganj District BDO, CO, CDPO, MOIC Phone Number, Email Id

8.CO, Kishanganj8544412616
9.CO, Bahadurganj8544412614
10.CO, Thakurganj8544412620
11.CO, Pothia8544412618
12.CO, Terachagach8544412619
13.CO, Kochadhaman8544412617
14.CO, Dighalbank8544412615
15.CDPO, Kishanganj9431005501
16.CDPO, Bahadurganj9431005498
17.CDPO, Thakurganj9431005505
18.CDPO, Pothia9431005503
19.CDPO, Terachagach9431005504
20.CDPO, Kochadhaman9431005502
21.CDPO, Dighalbank9431005499
24.MOIC, Thakurganj9470003406
25.MOIC, Pothia9470003407
26.MOIC, Terachagach9470003409
27.MOIC, Kochadhaman9470453701
28.MOIC, Dighalbank9400034008

BDO, CO, CDPO and MOIC and other working officer play the important role for the development of Kishanganj region. Block Development Officer is nominated to looks after all development related works. He also holds meeting with others officer. Circle Officer usually responsible for land-living works. Child Development Project Officer generally employed to look after the child education and their progress works. Medical Officer in Charge (MOIC) is nominated to looks after the detail of medicines record, health and others progress works. Block Officers are carrying out day to day work in various fields.

If you have any query to ask from them to get Kishanganj District BDO, CO, CDPO and MOIC phone number as well as email id written in the table.

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