Humana Provider Phone Numbers

You will see Humana provider phone numbers right here for Toll-Free, Medicare Services, Benefits and Claims Inquiries, Customer Services, HR department etc. So, If you are interested in health insurance and healthcare then you are just a call away from the beginning. You can get Aetna Provider Phone number, the another company for the same purpose.

As you know Humana is all about insurance and healthcare, which should be easily accessible for everyone. Health-related services are considered as a basic needs for all of us. Therefore, you will want to keep save these numbers and be careful about the upcoming tragedy in future.

Anyway, we are here for Humana providers phone numbers. The organization has 24×7 call centers to make easily interact with you. These centers are working for your assistance in Cincinnati, Ohio, Florida, Arizona and they will answer all your questions regarding the same. The company has more than 50,000 employees and 13 million, policyholders in U.S alone. Therefore, we are here with Humana provider phone numbers for your

Humana Provider Phone Numbers

S.NO.NamePhone Number
1.Humana Toll Free Number 1-888-204-4062
2.Humana Medicare Customer Service Number 1-800-457-4708.
3.Humana Benefits and Claims Inquiries Number1-800-448-6262
4.Humana Customer Services Phone Number 1-800-281-6918
5.Humana HR Department Phone Numbers
6.Humanae Individual & Family Insurance Service Number 1-800-833-6917
7.Humana Behavioural Health Services Number 1-800-207-5101

Humana Inc. is a managed healthcare and Insurance provider company of America. The name came into existence in 1974, when the founders of the company start his own chain of hospitals. They offer services, which is up to the mark and maintain global standards.

The company has a fame in health insurance sector and managed healthcare services. They are the 3rd biggest company in this sector and spreading his wings across the globe.The unit also provides their services to the central government and ministry of defense as well. In addition, they started to serve defense personals and their family in 1993 and form a wing, who is  Humana Military Healthcare Services (HMHS).

Humana Inc has its headquarter in Louisville, Kentucky of the USA and the total revenue of the company is more than 54 billion US dollars.  Mr.  Bruce D. Broussard is the present CEO and president of the company. He is dealing the merger with Aetna Inc for last many years and his visionary leadership is appreciating worldwide.

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