Hotel Bokaro – Blue Diamond, Neel Kamal, Vaibhav, Naresh, Bokaro Niwas, Reliance

S.No.Hotel NameContact
1.Classic, SEC-IV(06542) 242216
2.Blue Diamond(06542) 240199
3.Hillton, SEC-IV(06542) 232198
4.Hans Regency, SEC-I(06542) 240896
5.Neel Kamal, Chas(06542) 265812
6.Vaibhav, Chas(06542) 266021
7.Naresh, Chas(06542) 265245,
8.Bokaro Niwas(06542) 240869
9.Reliance, Naya More(06542) 224848

The whole urban populace of this district comprises with Chira Chas, Chas Jainamore, and industrial area Tupkadih is nearby 1000000. The total land of urban area is spread over the 250 km. The official headquarters are also located in the district town of Bokaro also known as Koylanchal range. The official languages of the district of Bokaro are Hindi, English, etc.

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