HDFC Bank Phone Number – Jhajha, Jhanjharpur, Katihar, Khagaria, Madhepura

HDFC Bank in Bihar
Contact numbers of HDFC Bank branches in Bihar : – Branch – Jhajha, Branch – Jhanjharpur, Branch – Katihar, Branch – Khagaria, Branch – Madhepura.
About HDFC Bank – HDFC Bank is second
biggest private bank in all over India. After the liberalization of Indian
Banking sector HDFC was the first bank that got the permission to starts a bank
in the private sector. Since its opening it has developed much in India as well
as abroad too. It is one of the best source to get the jobs for those who wants
to uplift their career in banking Sector. The total number of employees of this
bank are 66, 76 to till 2012. This is the first bank in India who gave the
facilities of international debit card to its customer. HDFC bank has opened
its branches not only in the urban area, but also in the rural area.


1. Branch – Jhajha


:           Near Congress
Office Durga Mandir Road


Jhajha – 811308, Bihar


:           0131 – 2470715


2. Branch – Jhanjharpur,  
:           Bajreng Market,
Hospital Road


– 847403 Bihar


3. Branch – Katihar


:           Katihar M G Road
Katihar – 854105 Bihar


4. Branch – Khagaria


:           C/O – Hotel Amol,
Khagaria Nac Road,


Khagaria – 851204 Bihar


:           0711 – 2222200


5. Branch – Madhepura


:           Jagjivan Path
Near Thana Chowk


Madhepura –
852113, Bihar


* Phone number – 0612 – 6160616 ( for
all Bihar’s HDFC Bank’s Branches )


* HDFC Help Line Number – 18004254332,
1800227227 ( Toll Free Number )


* HDFC Bank Credit Cards – 18003454332
( Toll Free Number )
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HDFC Bank Address, Phone Number, IFSC Code Jhajha, Katihar, Khagaria

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