Giridih Emergency Phone Numbers Jharkhand

I am very happy to provide information about the Giridih Emergency Phone Numbers. I feel like I am sharing the sadness of people. It is not only in Jharkhand but also one of the utmost backward districts of India regardless of its natural beauty along with mineral resources. While there are challenges like illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment, on the other hand, Naxalism is strengthening its roots.

Okay, maybe I’m wandering around my subject and hence we will now know about the phone number of the district’s essential services.

In this post, you would see SP, DSP, Inspector Town, Fire brigade office, Sadar hospital, and Jain gas agency phone numbers as well. Additionally, you will get railway station, Sadar hospital ambulance service, Redcross, SBI main branch phone numbers, and much more.  This is information that you would like to share with your loved ones.

Giridih Emergency Phone Numbers Jharkhand

S.No.NamePhone Number
1.Police control room
6532 - 228239 &
1.SP Giridih
6532 - 222056
6532 - 222054
2.Inspector Town6532 - 228454
3.Fire brigade office6532 - 223236 &
4.Sadar hospital
6532 - 222728
5.Navjyoti nursing home6532 - 222975
6.Rotary eye hospital6532 - 226734
7.Redcross ambulance service6532 - 226180
8.Rotary ambulance service6532 - 226934
9.Sadar hospital ambulance service09431160370
10.Jain gas agency09431144287
11.Indane gas agency09431144443
12.Giridih railway station6532 - 222207
13.S.B.I main branch6532 - 222878

A survey was conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India in 2006, and a list of backward districts of the country was prepared so that they can be developed under the supervision of the central government. Giridih was also on this list, so it is directly funded by the central government.

In spite of this, the pace of development here is sluggish and slow. The district is rich in natural resources and minerals like coal and mica are found abundant. In addition, there are many such places that attract the attention of people. Simultaneously, Parasnath hill is the holy place of followers of the Jain religion and people come here from various parts of the country.

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At the time of conclusion, you can use these numbers By doing so you can reduce your problems. Normally, when we need them most, they are not available at the time. So do not make this mistake and save it so that it can work on time.

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