Giridih Phone Number – DD News, ETV, NDTV, Mahua News, Star News

DD News, ETV, NDTV, Mahua News, Star News Giridih Contact Number

1.Aaj Tak9431166269,
(0651) 3291556
2.A.I.R/DD News(0651) 2284969,
3.E TV9431602129,
(0651) 3296941
4.India News9430715244
5.Kashish News9470961164
10.Sadhna Channel9431115278,
(0651) 2246301
12.TAAZA TV8409463132
13.ZEE News(0651) 2301296
14.P7 News Channel9431173212
15.MAA Ambay Live Media9431192702,
(0651) 2232361

About: -Giridih district is placed in the center part of Jharkhand state and it is covered by a number of hillocks and hills. There is a highest hill in the Jharkhand state elevated to the height of 4480 feet. One of the most holy temples for Jains is on the hill of Parasnath. By Jain religion 23 out of 24 Tirthankaras attained Nirvana or emancipation here. The eminent and great poet had spent some time here, and house is still exists where he lived. In 1904, he wrote the Shivaji Utsav during the residing in Giridih district.

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  1. Amarnath Sinha says:

    Aisa hai sir ki Jharkhand giridih ke Media ka mobile no Badal chuka hai. Mahua news ,star news, maurya chainal band ho chuka है. Giridih ke nic me bhi edit kiya gaya hai aise me aaplog bhi no ko janchne ke bad post kare

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