East Khasi Hills Phone Number District Level Officers Meghalaya

 District Level Officers East Khasi Hills Phone Numbers – All officers like DC, ADC, District Rural Development Agency, DTO, District Panchayat Officer, DFO of east khasi hills district are deputed. They determinate all prefectorial field and clear all types of dispute concerned the district. We are providing  here contact details of the East Khasi Hills district level officers.

East Khasi Hills Phone Number District Level Officers Meghalaya

3.DAO(0364) 2522290
4.DAO, (Mechanical)(0364) 2230091
5.DHO(0364) 2520279
6.DLRO(0364) 224713
7.District Training Officer-
8.ADDO(0364) 2575455
9.Division Soil Conservation(0364) 2591085
10.DFO, Khasi Hills(0364) 2226375
11.DFO, Wildlife Division(0364) 2226181
12.DFO, Training Division(0364) 2225305
13.Project Director, DRDA(0364) 224666
14.DIO(0364) 2590117
16.DPRO(0364) 2224137
17.DHO(0364) 2222471
18.DMO(0364) 2226432
19.District Malaria Officer(0364) 2225154
20.DTO(0364) 2546005
21.DSWO(0364) 2224409
22.DPO, ICDS(0364) 2226964
23.District Urban Planner(0364) 2223530
24.District Sport Officer(0364) 2222911
26.Executive Engineer-
27.Dy. Controller Civil Defense(0364) 2211746

East Khasi Hills is an prefectoral district in the dominion of Meghalaya in India. The district head office are placed at Shillong.The East Khasi Hills District is chiefly mountainous with recondite gorges and stream on the southern division. DC is posted to oversee all division of the district, manual all officers working beneath him. He solves works respective to the prefectoral field. ADC goes along with DC to clear up all types of problems possess in the district. Nowadays sports are the most vital object for the people So One Sports officer is posted in every district to an unified sports programmer.

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