East Champaran BDO, CO, BEO, BAO, CDPO Phone Number, Email Id

In East Champaran BDO, CO, BEO, BAO and CDPO are employed to look after the progress related work in each block. East Champaran district divided into 27 blocks. Some of the blocks are Adapur, Areraj, Banjaria, Bankatwa, Chakia, Chiraiya, Dhaka, Harsidahi, Kalyanpur, Kesariya, Kotwa, Madhuban, Mehsi, Motihari, Paharpur, Raxaul, Sangrampur, Tetaria and others blocks. . Now we are going to write down East Champaran BDO, CO, BEO, BAO and CDPO phone number and Email Id of all working officer in tabular form.

East Champaran BDO, CO, BEO, BAO, CDPO Phone Number, Email Id

1.Block Development
Officer, Adapur
9431818155[email protected]
2.Block Development
Officer, Areraj
9431818527[email protected]
3.Block Development
Officer, Banjaria
9431818532[email protected]
4.Block Development
Officer, Bankatwa
9431818534[email protected]
5.Block Development
Officer, Chakia
9431818162[email protected]
6.Block Development
Officer, Chhauradano
9431818165[email protected]
7.Block Development
Officer, Chiraiya
9431818156[email protected]
8.Block Development
Officer, Dhaka
9431818163[email protected]
9.Block Development
Officer, Ghorasahan
9431818160[email protected]
10.Block Development
Officer, Harsidhi
9431818153[email protected]
11.Block Development
Officer, Kalyanpur
9431818524[email protected]
12.Block Development
Officer, Kesariya
9431818523[email protected]
13.Block Development
Officer, Kotwa
9431818532[email protected]
14.Block Development
Officer, Madhuban
9431818161[email protected]
15.Block Development
Officer, Mehsi
9431818525[email protected]
16.Block Development
Officer, Motihari
9431818151[email protected]
17.Block Development
Officer, Paharpur
9431818157[email protected]
18.Block Development
Officer, Pakridayal
9431818154[email protected]
19.Block Development
Officer, Patahi
9431818528[email protected]
20.Block Development
Officer, Phenhara
9431818530[email protected]
21.Block Development
Officer, Piprakothi
9431818164[email protected]
22.Block Development
Officer, Ramgarhwa
9431818159bdo.ram-ec[email protected]
23.Block Development
Officer, Raxaul
9431818526[email protected]
24.Block Development
Officer, Sangrampur
9431818529[email protected]
25.Block Development
Officer, Sugauli
9431818152[email protected]
26.Block Development
Officer, Tetaria
9431818531[email protected]
27.Block Development
Officer, Turkaulia
9431818158[email protected]
28.CO, Madhuban8544412782[email protected]
29.CO, Pakaridayal8544412783[email protected]
30.CO, Patahi8544412784[email protected]
31.CO, Phenhara8544412785[email protected]
32.CO, Tetariya8544412786[email protected]
33.CO, Banjariya8544412775[email protected]
34.CO, Kotwa8544412776[email protected]
35.CO, Motihari8544412778[email protected]
36.CO, Piprakothi8544412779[email protected]
37.CO, Sugauli8544412780[email protected]
38.CO, Turkauliya8544412781[email protected]
39.CO, Bankatwa8544412791[email protected]
40.CO, Chiraiya8544412792[email protected]
41.CO, Dhaka8544412793[email protected]
42.CO, Ghorasahan8544412794[email protected]
43.CO, Areraj8544412767[email protected]
44.CO, Harsidhi8544412768[email protected]
45.CO, Paharpur8544412769[email protected]
46.CO, Sangrampur8544412770[email protected]
47.CO, Adapur8544412787[email protected]
48.CO, Chhauradano8544412788[email protected]
49.CO, Ramgarwa8544412789[email protected]
50.CO, Raxaul8544412790[email protected]
51.CO, Chakiya8544412771[email protected]
52.CO, Kalyanpur8544412772[email protected]
53.CO, Kesariya8544412773[email protected]
54.CO, Mehsi8544412774[email protected]
55.BAO, Motihari8539890232
56.BAO, Turkauliya8544004663
57.BAO, Banjariya8292146116
58.BAO, Piparakothi8084054051
59.BAO, Sugauli8271471603
60.BAO, Ramgadhawa9931486907
61.BAO, Raxaul9801438229
62.BAO, Areraj9852231891
63.BAO, Harsidhi-
64.BAO, Paharpur9708118329
65.BAO, Sangrampur9430645482
66.BAO, Kalyanpur9470843892
67.BAO, Kotwa9835016367
68.BAO, Kesariya9430851805
69.BAO, Chauradano9771998301
70.BAO, Adapur9473018235
71.BAO, Chiraiya9199308264
72.BAO, Dhaka9470813791
73.BAO, Patahi9431054387
74.BAO, Ghorasahan7277387680
75.BAO, Bankatwa9470809915
76.BAO, Pakridayal9931408229
77.BAO, Madhuban9431818161
78.BAO, Tetaria7250130817
79.BAO, Phenhara9430218724
80.BAO, Chakia8434811281
81.BAO, Mehsi9473271245
82.MOI, Adapur(06255) 236189,
83.MOI, Areraj(06258) 284210,
9470003190 ,
84.MOI, Chakia(06257) 244739,
85.MOI, Chhauradano(06255) 237350,
9431511737 ,
86.MOI, Chiraiya(06250) 273273, 9470003181,
87.MOI, Dhaka(06250) 282685, 9470003182
88.MOI, Ghorasahan(06250) 284544, 9470003187
89.MOI, Harsidhi(06252) 287959, 9470003186
90.MOI, Kalyanpur(06257) 272068, 9470003188
91.MOI, Kesharia(06257) 269784, 9470003172
92.MOI, Madhuban(06259) 274180, 9470003185
93.MOI, Mehasi(06257) 254732, 9470003173
94.MOI, Motihari Sadar(06252) 240491, 9470003184
95.MOI, Paharpur(06258) 286838, 9470003174
96.MOI, Pakridayal(06259) 283043, 9470003183
97.MOI, Patahi(06259) 276593, 9470003177
98.MOI, Ramgarhwa(06255) 234363,
99.MOI, Raxaul(06255) 223728, 9470003196
100.MOI, Sugauli(06252) 280898, 9430935746
101.MOI, Turkauliya(06252) 281089, 9470003195
102.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005331[email protected]
103.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005332[email protected]
104.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005350[email protected]
105.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005351[email protected]
106.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005333[email protected]
107.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005342[email protected]
108.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005334[email protected]
109.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005335[email protected]
110.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005336[email protected]
111.Child Development
Project Officer,
112.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005338[email protected]
113.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005339[email protected]
114.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005356[email protected]
115.Child Development
Project Officer,
-[email protected]
116.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005341[email protected]
117.Child Development
Project Officer,
Motihari Rural
9431005352[email protected]
118.Child Development
Project Officer,
Motihari sadar
9431005360[email protected]
119.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005343[email protected]
120.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005344[email protected]
121.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005345[email protected]
122.Child Development
Project Officer,
123.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005357[email protected]
124.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005346[email protected]
125.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005347[email protected]
126.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005348[email protected]
127.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005355[email protected]
128.Child Development
Project Officer,
9431005349[email protected]
129.Child Development
Project Officer,
130.BEO, Banjaria9471875079
131.BEO, Bankatwa9199528840
132.BEO, Chakia9708207568
133.BEO, Chhauradano9801102061
134.BEO, Chiraiya9470632900
135.BEO, Dhaka9934219771
136.BEO, Ghodahasan9708451986
137.BEO, Harsidhi9431861324
138.BEO, Kalyanpur9097723022
139.BEO, Kesharia9973308219
140.BEO, Kotwa9934069105
141.BEO, Madhuban8084010337
142.BEO, Mehsi8757849733
143.BEO, Motihari9931860283
144.BEO, Motihari Rural9473356317
145.BEO, Patahi8084248797
146.BEO, Paharpur9661832149
147.BEO, Pakdidayal9771266215
148.BEO, Phenhara9771266215
149.BEO, Piprakothi9973220869
150.BEO, Ramgarhwa9709427977
151.BEO, Raxaul9431441637
152.BEO, Sangrampur9931275664
153.BEO, Sugauli9934069105
154.BEO, Tetaria9471972496
155.BEO, Turkaulia9430290189

Block Development Officer is the real head of the block. The overall development, prosperity, welfare and executive works of the district are completed under his guidance. CO is responsible for land related activities. Block Education Officer (BEO) responsible for education and career development works. Block Agriculture Officer (BAO) looks after the agriculture and their development related works. CDPO handles child education, health and others related works. Now if you are the resident of East Champaran then get into touch with these officers and discuss your applicable problems.

The given contact information of East Champaran BDO, CO, BEO, BAO and CDPO phone number and email id is somehow useful to interrelate with them in your applicable issues.


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