District Officer Chaibasa Telephone Number – DPO, DCO, DFO, Executive Engineer

District Administration – Chaibasa (West Singhbhum)


State     :- Jharkhand
District  :- Chaibasa (West Singhbhum)
Contact Numbers of Sub-Registrar,
District Planning Officer, District Cooperative Officer, DFO (District Forest
Officer), District Social Welfare Officer, Executive Engineers.

1. Post:- Sub-Registrar
        STD Code            :-     06582
        Office Number      :-     259989
2. Post:- District Planning Officer
        STD Code             :-     06582
        Office Number       :-     256620
3. Post:- District Cooperative Officer
        STD Code              :-     06582
        Office Number        :-     256210
4. Post:- DFO (District Forest Officer), Social Forestry Division Chaibasa
        STD Code              :-    06582
        Residence Number :-     259947
5. Post:- DFO (District Forest Officer), Singhbhum Afforestation Division, Chaibasa
        STD Code              :-     06582
        Office Number        :-     256354
6. Post:- District Social Welfare
        STD Code              :-     06582
        Office Number        :-     256227
7. Post:- Executive Engineer,
Electricity Supply Division
        STD Code              :-      06582
        Office Number        :-      256833
        Residence Number :-
8. Post:- Executive Engineer, Minor
Irrigation Division
        STD Code              :-      06582
        Office Number        :-      257833
9. Post:- Executive Engineer, REO
        STD Code              :-      06582
        Office Number        :-      256478
10. Post:- Executive Engineer, Building
        STD Code              :-     06582
        Office Number        :-     256594
Introduction of Chaibasa District State Jharkhand : – The main population of the West Singhbhum is Tribal. The land of this district is bountiful with natural resources, and these are the forest produce or minerals. Chaibasa town, is major trade center for food grain. Chakaradharpur is famous for the trade of Biri, Bamboo, and Shellac. The Melas and Heats are playing vital role for trading. Approx in all important area there are weekly Heats and these is the main centres for trading point of view. West Singhbhum district is poor in industries. In the Jhinkapani there is a single industry of ACC Cement. A major part of this district is occupied by the Iron-ore-series.
Chaibasa District
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