Dhenkanal Phone Number BDO And CDPO Odisha

In Dhenkanal Odisha district, BDO and CDPO are selected to look after the progressive, executive and daily routine works. At the present time, there are seven blocks and six CDPO functioning in Dhenkanal Odisha district. In this blog, we are recommending Dhenkanal Odisha district BDO, CDPO phone number (Tel) with code.

Dhenkanal Phone Number BDO And CDPO Odisha

1.BDO, Odapada(06732) 256035
2.BDO, Parjang(06768) 261021
3.BDO, Kankadahad(06769) 264022
4.BDO, Hindol(06732) 251242
5.BDO, Gondia(06762) 231124
6.BDO, Bhuban(06769) 272024
7.BDO, Dhenkanal(06762) 224485
8.CDPO, Kamakhyanagar(06769) 270040

In Dhenkanal BDO is the head of the block and generally oversee the progress related works in the region. In Odisha district, all the activity associated with development, executive and electoral or other respective work as granted lies underneath his power. CDPO normally responsible for the health respective intention, social progress, education and others related work of the children. There are a lot of industry set up here. The famous work of Dhenkanal is straw making here a number of people work in this industry. It has the best source of income  for those people who have no any job option in this region. Dhenkanal is also famous for a number of things such as festival and fair etc.

The above-given data regarding Dhenkanal Phone Number BDO And CDPO Odisha are from its official website and up to date as per current notification.

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