Dhanbad, Jharkhand Police Phone Number SP, SDPO, CI, Dy. SP, etc.

S.No.PostMobileSTD CodeOfficeResidence
2.Dy. SP- HQ-1943170637303262220214
3.Dy. SP-HQ-2943170639903262204237
4.SDPO, Sindri9431706375032622514342251434
5.Dy. SP-L&O, Dhanbad9431706374032622208042206814
6.SDPO, Baghmara943170637703262372515
7.Major Sergeant Police Line, Dhanbad03262221058
8.CI, Bankmore943170637903262308817
9.CI, Sindri9431706380
10.CI, Kenduadih943170638103262332582
17Alakhadiha OP03262361259
18Baghmara PS943170640403262428376
19Baliapur PS943170641403262431244
20Bankmore PS943170639203262302417
21Barora PS943170641003262392185
22Barwadda PS943170640103262207679
23Bhagabandh OP993957662903262339066,
24Bhonra OP03262320662
25Bhuli OP943137266303262340262
26Chirkunda PS943170640306540272224
27Dhansar PS943170639303262307538
28Dhanuadih OP947096757003262361166
29Dharmabandh OP947058457703262251100
30Galfarbari OP943114715306540272748
31Goushala OP810240292203262350545
32Govindpur PS06540262255
33Hariharpur PS943170640603262472715
34Jogta PS943170639603262372540
35Jorapokhar PS943170641503262381401
36Katras PS943170640703262372440
37Kenduadih PS943170639403262330343
38Kumardhubi OP06540272750
39Lodna OP993165754503263200005
40Loyabod PS943170639703262330778
41Madhuban PS943170641203262392085
42Mahuda PS94317064110326277100,
43Maithan OP943127541506450274888
44Munidih OP829809467603262339096
45Nirsa PS06450275042
46Pancheat OP993438591206450286345
47Patherdih PS943170641703262381707
48Putki PS943170639503262330434
49Rajganj OP943170640803262272320
50Ramkanali OP993134668903262384284
51Saraidhela PS94317063980326220306,
52Sindri PS943170641303262350512
53Sonardih OP725050145303262374399
54Sudamdih PS943170641603262380380
55Tetulmari PS943170640903262374379
56Tisra PS943128558203262290100
57Topchanchi PS943170640503262482202
58Tundi PS943170640006450282175

About: -Topchanchi Lake is too much famous among those people who use to go for outing. It is a place at golden quadrilateral and round about 37 km away from the railway station of Dhanbad. It is bounded by green forest and Parasnath hills.
Bhatinda Falls: – This waterfall is located near about Munidih, and it is placed at the distance of 14 km from the railway station of Dhanbad. Visitors are used to come here in winter season.


  1. As my job is involved in nationalised bank recovery and enforcement. I require the link up with administration. Need strong support.

  2. Akhlaque Khan says:

    Jharia Police station Contact details is missing. Is Jharia in under the Dhanbad district or direct under the police H.Q Jharkhand police dept.

  3. sanjay kumar singh says:

    Dear sir
    I m Sanjay Kumar Singh from Delhi working as a psychotherapist and corporate yoga trainer.
    I booked a hotel for one night for 23rd Nov.in Dhanbad
    (hotel Bridge view muskan complex Naya bazar) by book my trip.com almost a month ago in advance.it was a confirmed booking for two adult person.
    I reached hotel at 945pm on 23rd because train was nine hours delayed .in meanwhile I spoke to Mr, Munna Ji who was in charge of hotel.when I reached there, i found one man on reception name Ashish Kumar .i told about my booking for a night here and show his SMS send by MakeMyTrip. then he spoke to one man on phone and said show me your id.i gave him my voter card .then he asked another id for my wife.I gave him her adhar card.
    he refused.he was asking id where there was my name as a husband mention.
    sir, I m 50 years old and wife is 43.
    we both were tired after 22 hours of long journey.i hold my hand and requested to just help my wife to use washroom and i m ready to wait for the reception.my car was waiting down to take me away for attending my younger brothers marriage function.
    he did not allow. I wanted to talk to mr.munna but on phone, he talked very rudely and uncivilized way to my wife.
    finally, i left hotel without accommodation.
    my simple question sir,
    is it mandatory to prove id in Dhanbad if someone coming from another city with wife and looks much older.?if yes then why do not ask hotel lovely Purana bazar where I stayed next day in the morning.he took only my Id.
    hotel management why did not mention on their website such an information so that peoples carry while visit Dhanbad.before i booked his hotel i spoke to Munna Ji about coming with my wife from Delhi.why did not he asked me to bring such documents?
    i m attaching a handwritten letter given me by his staff.
    in this regards, i talked to my friend who is in Jharkhand police at Sindri mr.pascal toppo. former sub-inspector mr.Ram Kumar Verma(bank more) who is now in Giridih.and hotel Poddar residency.hotel Poddar said -even if one is unable to produce valid document and their booking is here.on the humanitarian ground we would like allowed family to use the washroom.
    hotel Bridge View did not give me cancellation bill.infect he had not a printed bill neither GST no.i m not sure he has a licence for hotel or not.
    but the way he treated me is against hotel law and humanity.
    thanks u sir
    Sanjay Kumar Singh
    Attachments area

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