Dehradun Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

Dehradun district contains a lot of departments where district level officer like DM, ADM, SDO, DDO, DIO, DPRO, TO, DSO, DHO and all others is posted on these post as well as they supervised administrative system and clear issues belonging to the Dehradun district.

Dehradun Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

1.DM(0135) 2622389[email protected]
[email protected]
2.ADM (E) Dehradun(0135) 2623819[email protected]
3.ADM (F/R) Dehradun(0135) 2628893admfr.deh[
4.DC, Dehradun--
5.City Magistrate Dehradun(0135) 2722606[email protected]
6.SDM Kalsi(01360) 275021[email protected]
7.SDM Tyuni(0135) 275021[email protected]
8.SDM Chakrata(0135) 275021[email protected]
9.SDM Vikas Nagar(0135) 250200[email protected]
10.SDM Doiwala(0135) 2695020[email protected]
11.SDM Sadar-Dehradun(0135) 2625220[email protected]
12.SDM Rishikesh(0135) 2430007[email protected]
13.SDM Mussoorie(0135) 2632681[email protected]
14.Tehsil Kalsi(01360) 276155[email protected]
15.Tehsil Tyuni(01360) 2385296[email protected]
16.Tehsil Chakrata-[email protected]
17.Tehsil Vikas Nagar(01360) 253060[email protected]
18.Tehsil Doiwala(0135) 2695020[email protected]
19.Tehsil Dehradun (Sadar)--
20.DDO, Dehradun(0135) 2712481[email protected]
21.PD DRDA Dehradun(0135) 2712591[email protected]
22.TO, Dehradun(0135) 2627205[email protected]
23.CMO Dehradun(0135) 2724506
[email protected]
24.DIO(0135) 2656508[email protected]
25.DPO ICDS Dehradun(0135) 2521242[email protected]
26.DPRO Dehradun(0135) 2656327[email protected]
27.DIO, NIC Dehradun(0135) 2623259[email protected]
28.RTO(0135) 2653217[email protected]
29.DSO-[email protected]
30.DSWO, Dehradun(0135) 2628099[email protected]
31.District Election Officer(0135) 2726732[email protected]
32.District Supply Officer(0135) 2653724[email protected]
33.District Excise Officer(0135) 2628695[email protected]
34.DHO(0135) 2724146-
35.DFO Mussoorie-[email protected]
36.DFO Chakrata-[email protected]
37.DEO, Madhyamik(0135) 2780215[email protected]
38.DEO, Basic-[email protected]

Dehradun district is known as the capital of Uttarakhand. it Is famous for the horticulture of Tea and Basmati Rice. It is just like a heaven of Uttrakhand. Here DM controls the administrative system and solves the affairs related to his department. ADM works as the right hand of DM and clears all issues along with him. Tehsildar Monitors problem of revenue collection field. Social Welfare department works for the different subject like Woman, Child etc.

When you are needy, can find phone number with STD Code and Email id of Dehradun district.

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