Darjeeling All Blocks BDO Phone Number West Bengal

Here you will find phone numbers of BDO of all the blocks in Darjeeling district. In this district, total 11 blocks exist and names of these are  Gorubathan, Kalimpong, Rangli Ragliot, Pulbazar, Naxalbari, Phansidewa, Khoribari, Matigara, Kureseong, Mirik, Jorebunglow Sukhia. Contact numbers of all these block’s BDO are given in the table below –

Darjeeling All Blocks BDO Phone Number

1.BDO, Gorubathan(03562) 222008sisir123@rocketmail.com
2.BDO, Kalimpong(03562) 255267bdoalgarah@yahoo.com
3.BDO, Kalimpong(03562) 280222bdokpg@gmail.com
4.BDO, Rangli Ragliot(0354) 2262236bdotakdah@gmail.com
5.BDO, Pulbazar(0354) 2260241darj.pul.dev.block@gmail.com
6.BDO, Jorebunglow Sukhia(0354) 2264271bdosukhiapokhri@yahoo.in
7.BDO, Mirik(0354) 2443242 bdomirik@gmail.com
8.BDO, Kureseong(0354) 2346487bdokurseong@gmail.com
9.BDO, Matigara(0353) 2581790bdomatigara@gmail.com
10.BDO, Khoribari(0353) 2554213bdokharibari@gmail.com
11.BDO, Phansidewa(0353) 2587342bdophanshidewa@gmail.com
12.BDO, Naxalbari(0353) 2488403naxalbari@nic.in

There are contact, e-mail numbers of  Darjeeling West Bengal BDO  phone numbers available. In this table show the many blocks which are present in Darjeeling district. Darjeeling is a district of West Bengal. Each block has one BDO. BDO is the head of each block who works in different areas like rural, block development etc. Its full name is block development officer. Darjeeling is a tourist place of west Bengal and people speak language Bengali here. This district is famous for Darjeeling tea and hill stations. Here Mirik, Kurseong, Siliguri are three major towns in the district. BDO works in administrative service. They participate and handle development related works. Rural development, block development etc are the field they cover. So take help of Darjeeling All Blocks BDO Phone Number to call any officers.

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