Dakshin Dinajpur Phone Numbers – District Level Officers West Bengal

Dakshin Dinajpur District contains various posts where District level officers like DM, ADM, DFO, DLO, DMO, DPRO, DSWO, DCLRO, SDO, DDMO, DTO, SLAO, DICO, Nazir etc. They managed all administrative field and clear all types of issue related the district. We are providing  here contact details of the Dakshin Dinajpur District level officers.

Dakshin Dinajpur Phone Numbers – District Level Officers West Bengal

2.ADM (General)(03522) 255248
3.ADM (Development)(03522) 255203
4.ADM (L.R.)(03522) 255314
5.Additional Executive
Officer, Zilla Parishad
6.Project Director
(03522) 255307
7.SDO, BCW(03522) 255205
8.SDO, Gangarampur(03524) 259086
9.Dy. Secretary(03522) 255358
10.SLAO(03522) 255616
11.DPRDO(03522) 255607
12.DOMA(03522) 255786
13.TO - I(03522) 255617
14.TO - II(03522) 258106
15.District Controller(03522) 255636
16.DDMO(03522) 255020
17.DSWO(03522) 255119
18.Fire Brigade, Balurghat(03522) 255613
19.Fire Brigade,
(03521) 256800
20.Public Prosecutor(03522) 255921
21.General Manager, DIC(03522) 255975
22.District Registrar(03522) 255282
23.DICO, Balurghat(03522) 255277
24.DPO, SSM(03522) 256822
25.DTO, Agriculture(03522) 255253
26.DDM, NABARD(03522) 271913
27.DLO(03522) 256889
28.SLAO(03522) 255616
29.DWO(03522) 255624
30.RTO(03522) 255684
31.NDC(03522) 255615
32.DIO, NIC(03522) 255116
33.Nazir(03522) 255618
34.District Judge(03522) 255207
35.Addl. District Judge(03522) 270491
36.Addl. District Judge(03522) 270492
37.DM. FCI(03522) 255231
38.DICO(03522) 255277
39.DYO(03522) 257592
40.JTO(03522) 255566
41.DPO, DPEP(03522) 256822

Dakshin Dinajpur district was established when India got freedom. It is segregated into two segments one is south part and the second is north part. In this district DM looks after all sector of the collectorate and suggests the officers to do their works. Issue related to the Sub Divisional Office are being solved by SDO. DDMO is a posted in medical sector who is deputed to supervised this section and attends  to solve the patient problem. DLAO works for land acquisitive cases and tries to sort out it.

People who need the help of Dakshin Dinajpur District Phone Numbers District Level Officers, check the number in the table.

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