Current Office Phone Number Tirupati Andhra Pradesh (AP)

In this post, you will find a list of Current Office Phone Number Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh with the employee details and location. The sections are Chittoor, Madanapalle, Puttur, Chennagottigallu, Pakala, Mitoor, Chandragiri, Punganur, Kalikiri, Palamaner, Vayalpadu, Pennumur, Kotaally, Korlagunta etc. Here you will get several employees contact details as Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Assistant Accounts Officer(AAO), Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Assistant Engineer(AE), Divisional Engineer(DE), Senior Accounts Officer(SAO), Revenue Accounts Officer(RAO) etc.

Consumer Support Customer care number  for ELectric complaints for Tirupati and other places – 1912

Current Office Phone Number Tirupati

Current Office Phone Number Tirupati

S.No.Designation & LocationPhone Number
1Accounts Officer (AO), Expenditure9491043478
2Revenue Accounts Officer (RAO)9440817411
3Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), (AAE), Const Madanapalle9490615727
4Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Construction, Chittoor9490615725
5Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Construction, Chittoor9490615726
6Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CT Meters, Chittoor9490615735
7Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CT Meters, Tirupati9490615734
8Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), LT Meters, Chittoor9490615733
9Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Protectin, Chittoor9490615732
10Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Protection, Tirupati9490615731
11Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), SPM, Madanapalle9490615738
12Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), SPM, Puttur9490615737
13Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), SPM, RGT9490615736
14Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Mangalam9440811770
15Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Tiruchanoor9440811773
16Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), EAST, TPT9440811766
17Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), SS, Rajeev Nagar9440811769
18Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), West, TPT9440811767
19Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO II, SEC, SKHT9440811793
20Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, B.N.kanadriga9440811795
21Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Chennagottigallu9440811875
22Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Pichatur9440811819
23Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Puthalapatu9440811840
24Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Ragigunta9440811797
25Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., Gangavaram9440811852
26Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., Garnamitta9440811870
27Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., Nimanapalli9440811859
28Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., PTM9440811864
29Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec.Punganur9440811881
30Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., Somala9440811873
31Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., Thambalapalle9440811865
32Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, Sec., Y.V.Palem9440811876
33Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, SEC, G.D. Nellore9440811838
34Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCO, SEC, Reddygunta9440811828
35Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCR, SEC, Bangarupallem9440811835
36Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCR, SEC, Pakala9440811803
37Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), CCR, SEC, Puttur9440811807
38Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), East, MPL9440811857
39Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), North, MPL9440811855
40Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), O, Avalakonda9440811837
41Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op. Sec, V.Kota9440811850
42Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op.Sec., Kalakada9440811871
43Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op.Sec., Kurabalakota9440811858
44Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op.Sec, B. Kothakota9440811861
45Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op.Sec, Palamaner9440811848
46Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op.Sec, Pedamandyam9440811863
47Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Op.Sec, Sodum9490611610
48Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, Santhapet, Chittoor9440811830
49Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Aragonda9440811846
50Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Bangarupallem9440811834
51Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC Kongareddy Palli9440811827
52Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Mittoor9440811825
53Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Nagalapuram9440811816
54Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Nagari9440811811
55Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Narayanavanam9440811809
56Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC Pakala9440811801
57Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Pannur9440811813
58Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Puttur9440811805
59Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Satyavedu9440811817
60Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, SKHT9440811792
61Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEC, Vedur.Kuppam9440811822
62Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OP, SEN Yerpedu9440811799
63Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OPN, SEC, Chandragiri9440811782
64Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), OPN, T.Bedu9440811794
65Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Palamaner, Rural9440814316
66Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Piler, Rural9440814315
67Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), R SEC, Chandragiri9440811783
68Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), R, SKHT9440811798
69Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Rural SEC, Chittoor9440811829
70Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Rural SEC, Nagari9440811812
71Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Rural SEC, RGT9440811778
72Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), South, MPL9440811856
73Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), South, TPT9440811772
74Additional Assistant Engineer (AAE), Telecom, TPT9490403427
76APTS Tirupati9440811874
77Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Srikalahasti9440811887
78Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Chandragiri9490618801
79Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Chittoor9440811893
80Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Madanapalle9440811894
81Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Nagari9440811890
82Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Pakala9440811891
83Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Palamaneru9440811892
84Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Piler9440811895
85Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Puttur9440811889
86Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Rural Tirupati9440817593
87Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, Rurals, Chittoor9440907184
88Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO), ERO, TPT9440811886
89Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CCO, SD, Chittoor9440811836
90Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CCO, SD, K.Nagar9440811820
91Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CCO, SD, Paipalli9440811842
92Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CCO, SD, Piler9440811872
93Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CCO, SD, Punganur9440811879
94Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CCO, SD, TPT9440811771
95Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Civil9490618849
96Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Coml, CO, TPT9491052933
97Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Computers9440811905
98Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Const, Chittoor9440817423
99Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Const, Madanapalli9440817424
100Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Const, Puttur9440817425
101Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Const, TPT9440817422
102Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CSC9440814263
103Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), CT Meters, TPT9440817434
104Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), DPE - 1, Tirupati9440812077
105Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), DS, Chittoor9440811853
106Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), HT Meters I, TPT9440817430
107Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), HT Meters II, Chittoor9440817431
108Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), O R-1, MPL9440811860
109Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), O Town, TPT9440811765
110Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Op.SD, Kalikiri9440811866
111Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OP SD, Nagalapuram9440811815
112Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OP SD, Nagari9440811810
113Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OP SD, Pakala9440811800
114Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OP SD, SKHT9440811784
115Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OP SEC, Palasamudram9440811841
116Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Opn Rural, Chittoor9493174269
117Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Opn Rural, Piler9440817415
118Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OSD, CTR9440811824
119Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OSD, MPL9440811854
120Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OSD, Palamaner9440811847
121Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OSD, PTR9440811804
122Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), OSD, RGT9440811776
123Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), PROT, Chittoor9440811897
124Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Protection, Tirupati9440811896
125Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), R Madanapalle9490618802
126Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), R SD SKHT9440811796
127Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), R Tirupati9440811780
128Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Rural SD Chittoor9440811831
129Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), SPM & TRE TPT9440817436
130Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), SPM Chittoor9440817437
131Assistant Divisional Engineer (ADE), Town-II Tirupati9440814310
132Assistant Engineer (AE), Const, Madanapalle9490615728
133Assistant Engineer (AE), Construction, Puttur9490615724
134Assistant Engineer (AE), Construction, Tirupati9490615723
135Assistant Engineer (AE), HT Meters, Chittoor9490615730
136Assistant Engineer (AE), HT Meters, Tirupati9490615729
137Assistant Engineer (AE), SPM, Chittoor9490615739
138Assistant Engineer (AE), TRE, Chittoor9490615741
139Assistant Engineer (AE), NORTH, TPT9440811768
140Assistant Engineer (AE), Balaji Colony, TPT9440814312
141Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, SD, Paipalli9440811843
142Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, Sec., Piler9440811878
143Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, Sec., Chowdepalli9440811882
144Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, Sec., Gurrumkonda9440811869
145Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, Sec., Peddapanjani9440811883
146Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, SEC, Nindra9440811814
147Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, SEC, Yadamari9440811833
148Assistant Engineer (AE), CCO, Tirumala9440811774
149Assistant Engineer (AE), Madanapalli94409 07200
150Assistant Engineer (AE), Madanapalli, West9440814314
151Assistant Engineer (AE), Mangalam, Rurals9440814311
152Assistant Engineer (AE), O, R - II, TPT9491052931
153Assistant Engineer (AE), Op. Sec, Vayalpadu9440811868
154Assistant Engineer (AE), Op., Sec., Ramasamudram9440811884
155Assistant Engineer (AE), Op., Sec, Punganur9440811880
156Assistant Engineer (AE), Op.Sec., Kalikiri9440811867
157Assistant Engineer (AE), Op.Sec, M.Cheruvu9440811862
158Assistant Engineer (AE), Op.Sec, Rompicherla9440811877
159Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, Greempet9440811826
160Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, IRALA9440811844
161Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, K.Nagar9440811821
162Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, Kalluru9440811802
163Assistant Engineer, OP, SEC, Kotapalli9440811832
164Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, Pennumur9440811839
165Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, S.R.R.PURAM9440811823
166Assistant Engineer (AE), OP, SEC, Vadamalapeta9440811806
167Assistant Engineer (AE), Operation, SEC, RGT9440811779
168Assistant Engineer (AE), Opn, Baireddypalle9440817418
169Assistant Engineer (AE), Opn, Korlagunta9440907185
170Assistant Engineer (AE), Opn, Papanaidupet, Rural9440814313
171Assistant Engineer (AE), Opn, Rayalcheruvu9440817420
172Assistant Engineer (AE), OS, Varadaiahpalem9440811818
173Assistant Engineer (AE), Protection, Madanapalle9440817432
174Assistant Engineer, R, SEC, Tirupati9440811781
175Assistant Engineer, Rural, IRALA9440811845
176Assistant Engineer, SEZ9491052932
177Assistant Engineer (AE), SS & Lines, Kuppam9440817417
178Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, Construction9440817426
179Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech,DO, Chittoor9440817419
180Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, DO, Chittoor, Rural9491052934
181Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech DO, Madanapalli9440817416
182Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, DO, Piler9491054705
183Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, DO, Puttur9440817421
184Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech M&P TPT9440817435
185Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, Rural, TPT9440817414
186Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, Town, TPT9440817413
187Assistant Engineer (AE), Tech, Transformers, TPT9440817438
188CI APTS9440811786
189Divisional Engineer (DE), Const, TPT9440811763
190Divisional Engineer (DE), M & P, TPT9440811759
191Divisional Engineer (DE), O, Chittoor9440811757
192Divisional Engineer (DE), O, Madanapalle9440811758
193Divisional Engineer (DE), O, Putter9440811756
194Divisional Engineer (DE), O, Town, Tirupati9440811754
195Divisional Engineer (DE), Opn, Piler9493174282
196Divisional Engineer (DE), Opn, Rural, Chittoor9493174268
197Divisional Engineer (DE), Rurals, Tirupati9440811755
198Divisional Engineer (DE), Tech, C.O, TPT                   9440811761
199Divisional Engineer (DE), TRETPT9440811762
200Guest House, Tirumala9440811775
201Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), S-ERO, KarvetiNagaram9440907182
202Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), S-ERO, Paipalle9440907183
203Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), S-ERO, Kalikiri9493174283
204Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), S-ERO, Nagalapuram9440817427
205Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), S-ERO, Punganur9440817429
206Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), S-ERO, Vayalpadu9440817428
208PO, CO, TPT9491066712
209Senior Accounts Officer (SAO), TPT9440811764
210SI, APTS, Tirupati9490615817
211SI, APTS, Tirupati9490615819
212Superintending Engineer, O, TPT9440811750


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